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Looking to start a lawncare business

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Hi, IM going through the motions of gathering all the expense with starting a lawn care company. I was wondering if i could Use a 1998 oldsmobile silhouette to haul all my equipment with a trailer attached?

I was also thinking of going with a 48" CC commercial grade mower.

^-^ anything else i should know please tell me.
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If I saw you driving around town in that, I would definately not hire you. That looks tacky and unprofessional. I started out driving a 1986 $500 ford ranger around that worked. Invest in a used pick-up truck. Buy a decent rider, a trimmer, and a push mower. Get insurance, pay your taxes, and advertise. Save up some money this year and next year you can advertsie early in the spring, put a down payment on a truck, buy a decent push mower and trimmer, and lease a commercial mower.

I have a new Scag ZTR that I pay $114.00 a month on. Insurance is $65.00 a month. Taxes take 7% of my income. My new Echo SRM-265 cost me $325.00 ish. A used 18 ft trailer was $1,600 cash. Advertising in the phone book is $56.00 a month. Advestising in our two local news papers is $126.00 a month. Plus a couple leaf blowers, gas cans, rakes, gas, maintance, repairs, back up ZTR, push mowers, etc. And Uncle Sam still takes money from me when I pay my taxes in Janurary. As you can see this all adds up quickly. But the income is well worth it. Good luck on getting started.
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