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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by the angler, May 25, 2008.

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    i've been mowing lawns doing mulch and prunning for a long time now ...i think this winter im goin to try to get my certification for pesticides this winter ....i have a nice lesco push spreader , and a back pack sprayer i might need to buy a tank and hose with a sprayer.......i'm a one man show and think maybe i could do 100 customers by my self??????
    i'm not well read on fert yet but will be before i start i would like to know what my program shouild be ....
    pre-emergant and fert
    fert and spot treat weeds
    grub control
    fert and spot treat weeds

    and what months should alll this be done ..........anyhelp would be appriciated but i'm not looking for all your secrets
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    Many universities offer online classes to teach you just this sort of thing. Look for Turfgrass Management or similar. It's worth the time and money. You'll learn lots of info that you wouldn't even think to ask about. Take fall classes. You won't be as busy through the winter and by spring the classes will be over.

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    You can also go to your local supplier (JDL or others) and they can help you set up a yearly program. Its a start.

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