Looking to start in 2013, any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mhubert123, Sep 16, 2012.

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    First of all I disagree with financing. Sometimes financing is good so u keep cash flow available for emergencies. All depends on your situation. Regarding insurance don't hire one single employee (even if u pay them cash) until u get workmans comp, regardless if required by your state. Our 1 st employee sued us and got $30,000 and won ( probably wanted more but that was settlement not including legal fees) plus he got and was able to keep several yrs of unemployment!! We had insurance thankfully!

    Not to mention the liability insurance etc.

    Regarding putting mower in back of truck, where will u put debris? It's unprofessional to put out to road at customers house.

    Try buy used equipment and consider training on how repair equipment yourself, or maybe u are handy already?

    Lastly consider advertising if you are ready, message me if u need help. I have high ROI on direct mail!
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    @Mowmoney2013- I'm sorry to hear that happened to you.

    In my situation, I've decided its best to finance a mower unless I find a great deal on CL. (hopefully I can find one. lol)

    I had planned on being a 1-man crew for now.

    I think i have found a decent trailer on CL, for fairly cheap, it's a 6x12 open with rear and side ramp for about $900obo.

    I am good at fixing small things.

    I'll message you tonight about the advertising.
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    Ok, happy to give anyone tips on advertising, as long as not in my area lol. I've had it all happen to me, learned from my mistakes, and from others mistakes. Can save u a lot of headaches!

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