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Looking to start my own business

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Hey everyone. I'm looking to start my own lawn maintenance business, and would like to hear some opinions. I plan to start out doing mostly residential properties. I don't have a lot of capital to start out with, so I'm trying to keep it efficient and inexpensive (as if that was different than anyone else). I've always used 60" ZTRs with the company I'm currently with, which are nice, but way out of my price range. I played around with a Wright Stander, and really liked it, but don't know what would be a good size. 36" seems small if it's going to be my only mower for now, but I'm worried about getting through gates with a 48. I doubt that I will be cutting properties larger than 1-1.5 acres. Eventually I would like to get a 36 WB for fenced areas, but right now there's no moolah for that. All the equipment I plan on using for starters would be whatever mower I decide on, Stihl FS 90R, Stihl BR 380 (maybe BR550 if I'm in a splurging mood), and probably a Stihl stick edger. Maybe just a push mower for fenced in areas for starters?

I haven't really considere WBs as a main mower, because believe it or not, I don't have any experience with them.

I'd really appreciate any input, suggestions, life lessons, etc.
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The only thing I regret doing my first year was investing over $9000 into a lawn care business before I had lawns. I couldn't claim any of my expenses because I didn't make over what I spent on purchases. My advice would be to invest in a used walk behind with bagger and 21" mower and good string trimmer, Stihl blower/vac combo and good trimmers for shrubs, some rakes,and tarps and you'll be able to tackle most any job till you get a good customer base.
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