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Looking to start small next spring and see where it goes from there

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Gotlift, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Gotlift

    Gotlift LawnSite Member
    Messages: 1

    Hello everyone. I've been lurking for a few days and I have to say this is a great site! Lots of knowledge for a new guy looking to start up, which is where I am now. I've been drawn to the idea of running a business for years now, but I work nights and my time off is complicated since I flip my schedule and my energy is limited to say the least. I'll be going to dayshift in January, which will work wonders for my energy level and allow me 2-3 days a week to run the business.

    I've explored several business ideas and always come back to landscape for these reasons:

    1. I enjoy the outdoor nature of it since I work fulltime in an industrial factory with no windows.

    2. I'm pretty good at it even though I know I have much to learn over the winter. (I'll post pictures of my backyard project)

    3. I can keep it as small as I want and grow at a pace that I am comfortable with.

    4. I can involve my two children and teach them about work ethic as they get old enough.

    5. My wonderful wife stays home and can lend her talents to the business side of things such as bookkeeping and scheduling and such.

    My plan is pretty simple. I plan to start working out of my truck in the springtime. I want to learn the business side, which intrigues me more than the earning potential, so I will make this a legit business as an LLC with the proper insurance and other legalities. I'd like to start with a few landscape maintenance clients to keep me busy for one or two days a week for the first year. One, I can do this will very little investment to see if it is truely right for me and two, it gives me some exposure to the book keeping and taxation side of the business without being overwhelming. As my children get older and start school then I can feel good about being gone on my "days off" and grow the business more with either more clients or landscape design and installs. Regardless of where the business grows I can only commit to three days a week without hiring, but if business is good and hiring is necessary then I'm all for that too. My bread and butter is my job, which pays exceptionally with great benefits for my area. It allows my wife to stay home and raise our children, but with the timeoff that enjoy I'd like to earn money and avoid having my wife go back to work when the kids are in school.

    I live in an area where there are thousands of houses in cookie cutter neighborhoods with small unlandscaped backyards like mine was when I moved in. I think there is plenty of opportunity down the line to sell what I have done to my yard in those neighborhoods.

    I did everything from the design using Microsoft Visio, the irrigation (first sprinkler system I have done), and the build of the patio cover. I formed the concrete and hired a friend to finish it and I hired a crew to stucco the patio cover.
    Thanks for reading! Any encouragement, ideas, or otherwise is appreciated!

    16' x 60'






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