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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rhythm28, Mar 6, 2008.

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    Hi everyone. My friend and I are looking to start our own lawn care service. Here's the deal, we have no equipment and no experience although we have a few bucks in the bank, are very determined, and the best part, we already have plenty of leads! I came on to this site because we have LOTS of questions!

    1. Can two guys make a decent living doing this? We both make about 50K at our current jobs (work at same place).

    2. How long before the business really takes off? We would like to be able to quit our jobs and go into this full-time. I'm not exactly sure we can quit our jobs right now and do this full-time. Maybe start part-time and work our way up to full-time if and when it takes off.

    3. Do you suggest starting out with residential and then moving over into commercial or will we able to handle both in the beginning?

    4. Should we just mow for now OR also offer the other miscellaneous services? (aerating, striping, etc.) I don't want to be overwhelmed at first and just stick to the basics.

    We decided on this business just last month and we know that we are getting started a little later than most. Most of you guys, I'm sure, are doing tune-ups on your equipment, doing estimates, advertising, etc. One of my fears is that we won't be up-and-running until sometime this spring and everyone else will already be out cutting.

    I know I have more questions but those are just a few things that I need answered now. Thanks in advance!
  2. Weekes

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    Go slow. Don't quit you day job.

    I took for years to build up, others take longer. The guys who last don't do it in a year unless you got a ton of back up.

    Would not recommend a partnership as you have two families to feed.

    I don't mind competition and I have my base clients anyone starting this year needs to realize many are doing so and not all will make it.

    That said good luck on whatever you decide.
  3. Bluestem

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    I didn't get to where I could quit my regular job until the second year. As for residential vs. commercial, I'd say take whatever you can get. It all mows the same. :) If you are going to do a partnership, be very very careful. It is really easy for folks to end up at odds in these situations. I started with a partner and it was a disaster before the end of year one.
  4. Weekes

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    About the partner thing, I have met very few people who started a mowing company with a partnership and have not regretted it. Simply because there is no need for partnership. Start up costs are minimal and a company cannot really afford to split income evenly and still make a good margin for both. Help each other if you'd like but each should start his own, safer that way.

    Yes you can get it up and going really fast, I was cautious and held onto day job for a long time longer than I needed. I don't regret it. Many people will be trying there hand at mowing this year as with most years. There will be plenty of competition. Those that succeed and are still in business next year will be the ones who worked hard and did not get in to big to fast without clients to support them. I reccomend you work 80-90 hours a week this year. 40 at current job and 40 at mowing. May not sound fun, but mowing as not a get rich quick scheme (although plenty of people seem to think that).

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