looking to sub about 40-50 accts in medina county, OHIO

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    We have about 50 accounts from a property preservation company in medina county that need cut biweekly - so figure 25/week

    MUST be detail oriented - fill out a cut log, pics before/during/after (must have a dig camera). Must be timely - accts not turned in by deadline get docked 8-10% - and we pass that right along to our subs

    We do several hundred, but the guy who is in charge of these has really pissed me off with bad record keeping and slow work.

    Please-if this would be a 'stretch' for you, dont bother contacting me.

    First pay is delayed about a month from the company - they spot check with quality control guys to make sure you are doing it right before releasing payment.

    It is easy work - no nagging customers, doesnt have to be PERFECT every time- but it has to get done promptly

    info at ayden dot biz
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    i sent you a pm let me kno.....

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