Looking to trade my 09 ferris comfort control walk behind for a zero turn rider

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by badgerfan, Apr 23, 2010.

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    I have aquired mostly larger lawns for this season so far and I am looking to trade my 2009 ferris comfort control dd hydro walk behind 52 inch mower for a zero turn rider. This is probably the top of the line walk behind that is produced on the market today. It has a 19hp kawasaki engine that provides plenty of power for cutting even the thickest grass. This mower has been mainly used as a backup mower on yards that my scag rider could not access. I would estimate that it has about 100-150 hours on it. I paid $6,500 for it from the dealer about exactly a year ago and it is still under warranty for another year. I have never used it to pull a sulky behind it so it has not been worked very hard. It has the basic wear and tear that a mower with these hours would have. The tires still have 80% left on them and the filters and fluids have already been changed for the new season. This mower operates as new and comes with 2 sets of blades including gator blades.

    I am looking to trade for a 06 or newer zero turn rider. with less than 750 hours on it. I am looking for either a 52 inch cut or a 61 inch cut preferably a name brand machine Scag, Ferris, Toro, Exmark, ect. I would be willing to throw a small amount of cash in to make the deal if your mower is worth more than mine. I will put some pics up in a day or so but basically you can google this model and since it is only 12 months old it basically looks the same with maybe a few minor scuffs and stuff that all mowers get after a little use. Let me know if you would like to trade. Thanks

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