Looking to upgrade my first pond attempt

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tomc327, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Here's my first attempt and what I started with in my back yard. I'm open to all advice for my plans to expand this little water feature. I started with just a little pump and a whole lot of bags of rocks. I have since added about 40 gallons worth of space to the pond and have just recently (2 days ago) added a couple small Koi and goldfish. I have a filter box for my pump and have just added a UV light and foam filter. I've attached what I started with up to where I'm at now. Then I'll add my plan to make it a much larger feature. First picture is what I started with, then a couple of the little attempt, then the rocks I had to remove to dig more. Ok, I can't get the pictures to load. I'll try to explain from the one that did. The top starts at the left corner of the shed and goes out about three feet from the corner. It narrows under the little bridge to the shed door and I have a flat rock for a water fall after as it turns down and ends in a small pond about 6X8 and almost a foot and a half deep. The plan is to dig another pond by the top out to bring it down to the level of the lower part and add another fall to it from the top. I also want to dig another 2 feet deeper in this part while making a bridge to the shed. I know I need a much bigger pump but don't want to make rapids either. I'll send the pics to anyone that would like to help with advice and suggestions. Thank you to the pros.


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