"Looks worse then before you cut it"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawncare3, May 25, 2005.

  1. lawncare3

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    I call customer about lawn I cut yesterday was 18" in some spots. Well this lawn is ALL DEAD. I cut it and trimmed it very good. I call him and he says "it looks worse then before you cut it, it wasn't trimmed and I am quite frankly not happy"

    So I went over and did a little better trimming :p :D

    It was great before but now it's even better I made such a definition in the trimming hte dirt shows around everywhere I trimmed it. If he don't pay I will give the realtor a call and have her add it to his costs or tell him I will put a lean on it which I have no intention of doing. What would you do in this situation.
  2. pagefault

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    I tell them beforehand and again after I finish that when the grass is that long, it is not going to look great right away. It will be stressed, it will be brown, and some of the tall stuff will lay down when I'm mowing and trimming, only to pop up some time after I am done.

    So far, I haven't had any complaints after taking on a neglected lawn. If you wait until they see the problems to start explaining, it can sound like you are making excuses for sub-par work. Better to educate them ahead of time, IMO.
  3. lawncare3

    lawncare3 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Well him and his wiffe devorced and the house has been empty for about 3 months. It hasn'e been watered all year long so it's just ALL dead hay grass.
  4. ElephantNest

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    Tell him your mower is a MOWER, not a time machine or miracle worker. It doesn't go back in time and water. Pay up.
  5. bobbygedd

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    you should not have gone back. you did the job, you should have demanded payment, period
  6. The Captain

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    If they (owner/realtor) don't pay for the service, by all means file the lein. The house/property can't sell with an unsatisfied lein clouding the title. Look out for #1 first.

  7. Remsen1

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    for questionable charactors like this, i usually get suspicious that the just want me to clean up the mess, one time deal, then screw the next lawn guy the same way. When I arrive ready to mow, I don't start until I get some CASH in my hand. I also have to tell them that it is probably going to look rough after the first mow or two.
  8. Gravely_Man

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    Did you explain to the customer before cutting that the finished product wasnÂ’t going to look nice and green? Did the customer sign a contract prior to the work being done? I find some of this job is managing customer expectations.

  9. sheshovel

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    Id've done a good job the first time empty house or not I would not have had to go back.

    I would have been able to assure my client right there on the phone that I had done the very best that could be done on that property.
  10. Precision

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    derelict properties are usually owned by derelicts. Make them PAY UP FIRST. It bad enought to waste the gas driving there, but not to actually do the work and not get paid.

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