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loose any customers?


LawnSite Silver Member
S.I., NY
Lost one of customers today, its not the biggest deal, but I always feel like crap when it happens. There's 2 more lined up next to her,.......monkey see, monkey do. I guess I'll be down 3. Anyone else loose any so far?


Former Moderator
Yeah, we've lost some customers. A few we dropped ourselves tightening our route.

Then one guy is retiring, and he says he will have the free time to now take care of his yard, but if he gets too much for him, he will call us back. That one kind of hurt. It was at least $200.00 per month but more other months depending upon what all he had us do.
And I'm sure there is more we are going to lose. One customer died, and her son called from Texas and wants us to still continue our service until he sells the house......
It's always like this. Every year we can never predict who we may lose.
On a positive note, we have picked up quite a bit of new work so far this season.


LawnSite Member
Brandon FL
Thats funny I was just thinking about doing a post just like this one.. But anyway since December I have lost 6 customers and I always feel like s@#$. But in turn I have also got 8 new accounts.


LawnSite Fanatic
This year we only had 4 people not renew. But I expect to hear from two of them within the next week or two.


LawnSite Bronze Member
yep. Fell like crap for a little bit, then you remember that you really hated that place anyway.

I sent this guy (business) a letter saying why we couldn't mow every other week. The next day I get a message saying he's disappointed with the price increase (I lowered it, but annual price went up), and he won't be using us this year.
So I freaked, and called him this morning to discuss this and go back to his EOW schedule. He still refused our service for this year, and said he will be asking the guy that dose his house to do it. But, He said he may be calling us begging in a few weeks if he can't find someone, so try to keep a spot open! And don't forget to bid next year!

Ya right!


LawnSite Member
daytona bch fl
ya i lost 2 that were getting paid by the same guy. his dad and his own, always makes you feel like crap to lose even one contract no matter how much work you have, the only good part of it is i'm still cutting his misstress's yard on bch side, :eek:
i was giving the Guy a great deal on his property because of the work i picked up from him, so he cut his own throat,i had to drive 25mins off my route to do his yards anyway,i should be happy with the cut in driving but i still can't believe he cut me, :confused:
seasons here already picked up 3 new residentials covered the loss in less than a week, i hope the guy has good luck finding another lco that will drive out in the stixs for him:p



LawnSite Senior Member
Yes, we lost a few too.....I think because gas prices are so high alot of peple are trying to economize on other expenses
....luxuries such as lawn care...On the flip side we gained way more that we have in previous years (mostly through property management companies giving us groups of houses to do)....


LawnSite Fanatic
Beaverton, OR
Don't get too upset about losing customers. It used to bother me the first few years in business but now adays it's no skin off my back. It's just part of doing business - YOU CAN'T PLEASE THEM ALL.

The first thing to do when you get the call is find out why they want to cancel service. Many times, it's for a good reason; they lost their job....they are getting divorced.....moving away.....etc. That's all stuff you can't do anything about. Just thank them for service and move on. But if it's a service issue, then you need to try to assess whether it's something you are willing to resolve or not. Sometimes, people are just too damm picky. But ask and see what their issue is. As they speak, take some notes. If what they are saying is stupid picky stuff, don't worry about it. Let them be some other LCOs problem. But if they have legitimate complaints and you feel you can resolve them - try talking them into staying with you for another month or two while you try to resolve their concerns.

Still, losing customers is just part of this business. Get used to it. The trick is to always be growing more than you're shrinking. In the spring and summer we usually lose about 1-3 per month. But we're gaining 5-10 per month. So we always have a net gain. During the fall, we're still losing 1-3 per month (mostly just due to moving, lost jobs, etc.) and still gaining a good 2-5 per month. So again, growing. But during the winter (we mow all year here) we usually still lose 1-3 per month and typically only gain 1 or 2 per month. So all winter we usually have a net loss each month. But then come spring we're growing a lot again. It's just part of the business cycle.


LawnSite Bronze Member
new hampshire
Lost 1 :D :blob2: :D :blob2: I'm really upset about it. She was a PITA for day one real bad until I politely let into her then she calmed down. This fall we did the clean up $270. She was home and timed us. We were there for 2 hrs, took a dump truck full away of leaves(w/leaf loader) and a bunch of brush, mowed the lawn as well. She didn't like the amount I charged. Tough sh*t, I wanted to drop her 2 yrs ago now she saved me the trouble.