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  1. i own a 06 super z with 80 hours on it. i was cutting the other day and the outer spindle pulley falls off. luckely i shut down and the key, washer, and bolt remained on the deck. i replaced and checked the other two and one of them was loose along with an idler. i have also lost two anti-scalp wheels without hitting anything. what is the deal??!! what else do i need to tighten that hustler didn't do at the factory and/or stealer/dealer??!! especially for the prices that they are getting for their equipment. i do most of my own maintenance if possible, but for this to be happening at just 80 hours on the machine doesn't seem right. all you owners may want to double check your equipment.
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    E-mail me your model and serial # and I can look into this.
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    My Trimstar 36, only 51 hours and the nut came off the idler pully, chewed up the belt and almost wore the tension spring in half. I actually thought maybe a new belt would be under warranty, but it wasn't. My dealer did give me a nut and washer for no charge.
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    My mower was brand new with only 10 hours on it and the big c-clip holding the deck lift arm pin came off. That in turn allowed the deck to drop on one side and I mowed one full swipe with the deck gouging the ground. It's just one of those things. I suspect you can get any brand and have these things.

    I'll add here that my dealer didn't have one, but took one off the showroom floor for me so I could keep going.
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    I guess HUSTLER doesn't think that bolts or nuts can actually unscrew themselves from vibrations. My HUSTLER only has 56.3 hours on it. Numerous bolts have actually come off from just vibration. This is ONE of the reasons that my mower is in the shop as I am writing this! I guess you & I need to disassemble the mower and put it back together using LOCKWASHERS!;)
    But, I am not an engineer.
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    Mine keeps coming off. You would think that they would use a snap ring instead of an e-clip on something this critical. Mine happened at 2 hours and again at 8 and again @ 8.5 hours. now I cant find it and it is FRIDAY and I wont be able to mow this weekend.

    I know this isnt the place to air dirty laundry, but also had the ROPS installed incorrectly / bolt stripped out of seat and a pipe plug that had no sealant on it above the oil sending unit that made me lose about 1/2 quart of EXPENSIVE OIL.. Love the way it runs - rides - mows, but not sure of the longevity.....
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    This is the place to air anything you like, thats why we are here, to talk about these things and get you taken care of.
    E-mail me your details please.
    We don't build the engine, sorry about your oil loss.
    The other things though, I need to know about.

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    Wow. This thread really makes me re-think my options, I am going back and forth between exmark and hustler, but come on, each crew is working over 60 hour weeks, I couldn't even imagine a mower breaking every 8 hours.

    Hope you guys get your problem resolved!!!
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    You may want to keep an eye on the wheel motor bolts too. I have 2 08 super Zs and we had the bolts all come loose. Not enough room to lose them, they just came loose. Not a big deal, these kind of things happen, just another thing to watch out for. Its a machine, you are going to have a few problems whether you pay 10k or 100k.
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    Email sent. Thanks

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