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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Jay Ray, Feb 9, 2007.

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    I started with a Poulan $99 hand-held blower from Wally's that is used to blow off equipment now. Never done any maintenance on it at all.

    It's been starting progressively harder lately, really hard to start today. I didn't know if it even had numbers on it, so I started looking for numbers to see if parts could even be ordered, because it kind of looks like a throw-away.

    Then I accidentally noticed the spark plug would move around inside the plastic case. Threads were tight, so must be the motor mounts? Nope. The jug was loose on top the crankcase with about a .040 or so air gap on one side, much less on the other side. You could jiggle the plug back and forth quite a bit. I have read here that they won't start if a crank seal is blown out, so am really surprised the Poulan would run at all.

    Took the muffler and carb off, got it out of the plastic case, and tightend the two Allen screws that hold the jug to the crankcase. Reassembled it and it starts first pull every time, runs like new.

    Btw, the thing has enough flammable foam inside the case for heat shields that if it ever catches on fire, I'm just going to throw it on concrete and let it burn.

    I did a search for "loose jug" and didn't find anything so posted this and hope you guys get a laugh out of it. Might help somebody too.
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    Yes, very funny. Your cylinder came loose from the rest of the engine. Pretty common actually with this "throw away". If it ran like that for a while, it's probably been running lean and has potential scoring already. Baby it while you want to use it.

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    Sorry but when I read the title on your post my first thought was an accident in a Victoria's Secret commercial. Glad you "got er done" ! :laugh: :laugh:

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