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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Bunton Guy, May 21, 2003.

  1. Bunton Guy

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    A good bit of my yards (tall fescue) are loosing their green after the second split app of Lesco pre-m. Why would this happen so quick and what would you do?? I dont plan on making another app until next month. And it has been 30 days since the last of pre-m apps. After the second app. they didnt green up much at all and I cant really figure out why.
  2. kickin sum grass

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    Sounds like you need to start with a complete soil test.
  3. mr.lawnzap

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    youre gonna have a lot of people on here say you must have done something wrong, but i have seen fescue lawns killed by liquid pre-em . othertimes i have seen faded color that would not heal.
  4. Grassmechanic

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    Test soil, it sounds like ph out of whack.

  5. masterpiece1

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    I had the same problem earlier this season. I hit it with some nitrogen and watered and it came back. This is the first year for us using pre-m and we noticed it turning brown on approx. 3% of our lawns. Good luck!
  6. Temp?

    What did you apply this round?

    Might need more iron.

    I have seen some lawns changing for summer already.

    The rye is going away, and the grass is starving.

    Remember lots of precipitation uses up food fast.
  7. I have yet to see a lawn die from pre-em, plus he is using pendamethalyne from lesco hence the trademark "Pre-M" (granular).

    If he was to "burn"or "kill" the lawn it would not be loosing the green it would be browning out.

    Sounds to me these lawns are needing nutrients. I hear them screeming "FEED ME"---"FEED ME"!!!!

    Also another question, how much growth are you cutting off, you cut the crown off the lawn it will not be as green.
  8. Tharrell

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    The grass around here (NC) has some yellow in it, no chem apps. Everyone's talking about it. I think it's either too much rain or it's used up the fertilizer because of the almost constant rain. I'm gonna try some iron but can't decide whether to use a little liquid N or not.
  9. Russ

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    The rye and fescue around here is clorotic and red thread is starting to show up where round 2 hasn't been applied. It's growing 1/2 in a day and still wants N.
  10. lordohturf

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    To answer your questions you need to fill in some detail.

    What fert analysis did you use with Pre-M and did it have slow release?

    Have you had an awful lot of rain with little sunlight. ( chlorosis )?

    Has it been unseasonably hot or dry?

    Sometimes it's easy to diagnose the problem, but if you don't have the benefit of seeing it or knowing the background info, it's
    hard to give a good answer!

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