loosing lawns .

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Nov 18, 2010.

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    That's all we do is applicate lawns. The last few years I been hearing the clients say "we like dealing with 1 company with our lawn care". It seems that they want to write 1 check when it comes to lawn care. I can see there point. More and more lawn cutters are getting into the fert.end and its not looking good for us who do just apps. The lawns clients that got burned in the past with shottie work from the lawn cutting company's that do apps they are fine with paying for company's like mine to do just apps. But it the 75% of the new clients that we are loosing to the cutters. I need to go on a advertise campaign!
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    Have you had a chance to look at the lawns that you lost? How does the quality compare with your current clients? Especially after this brutal summer.
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    I hate when the customer has a treatment only company servicing the lawn I mow, seems like the lawn treatment company tries to treat on a Friday when I need to cut. I make it my goal to switch the customer to only me so i don't lose mowing income, plus its better for the lawn if everyone knows whats going on. I offer full maintenance service but not other services like lighting, irrigation or landscaping. Customers love one stop shopping, you need to really set yourself apart or expand services before its too late!
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    Here is the e mail I got from him
    Good morning Tony, I have decided to go in a different direction with my lawn care next. My landscaper*I have cut me a package deal which includes your services.
    Thank you for your past services,
    Barry the job is about 50,000 sf. Broken down to his property his mothers property and a pool area. He pays me for all 3 areas. All 3 are cut by one company. Irragation on his property is maintained by him and its in need of repair. The irragation for pool area and his moms property are maintained by a irragation contractor and are working properly 100%. His lawn is a mess the mothers and the pool area are nice,good color and weed free. He came out and asked me back in July "how come my lawn looks the way it does and the pool area and moms lawn looks ok? I said that your sprinkler system needs to be looked into.
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    Did you do a soil sample of just that area alone? Maybe the landscaper did and found something you did not?

  6. T.E.

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    I hate it that you lost a customer, however I've been in this business long enough to know these are the type people I'm tired of dealing with. This was the main reason I quit doing apps.

    Good luck.
  7. Ric

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    Slow Dog

    You are right on track. Don't complain about losing customers, Look at why they are not happy with your service. They can make a thousand excuses and soft peddles the reason they are leaving you, but the bottom line is they were not satisfied with your performance.
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    I'm about 50/50 with you on this. I can see the other point tho, a lawn can only look so green or thick. Then it's just a hassle to pay two bills. It is nice to not have another guy as an excuse...the lawn mower guy did it, or the app guy did it. One professional is better than two so called.
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    I don't agree with you 100% either. Being one of these companys that does mowing/fert, we get people signing up with us all the time that have no beef with there current company they just like my guys and would like to give the work to us.

    Every single one of my lawn mowing customers I ask if they would like a proposal for our lawn fertilization/weed control program. If they no, I keep asking. lol I probably ask 3 times a year for those who keep saying no for some reason.

    Many times I get back, "Well, I'm pretty happy with the service I have now, but if you would like to send a proposal fine, so I can compair that to what I'm paying now."

    80% of time I am able to get my mowing customers to consider us for lawn fert/weed control. Almost every time they consider us it comes down to one thing: cost.
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