Loosing power on hills

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by Branchland, Aug 15, 2006.

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    I love my '04 super Z 27/60. This year I have really noticed it loosing power on hills. Even if I'm not bagging or if it's on a area I've already cut. It gets to the point sometimes I think it is about to cut off. It bogs down that low. I'm not talking about that steep of hills. When I first got it I was doing alot steeper hills (I really shouldn't have been on). I keep up with the regular maintenance schedule, if not doing everything sooner. I'm at about 500 hours. At 450, a few weeks ago, I changed everything again. The oil, filter, air filter, fuel filters and greased everything again. I try to keep it clean and blow it off everyday.

    Also it hardly ever starts on the first turn of the key. It useally takes two times if not more. It will just click one time when it don't start. Even if I've just turned it off.

    I've really just noticed to power loss this year. But the starting thing started last year and has gotten to being a all the time thing.

    Any suggestions?
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    Have you had the valves adjusted? compression checked? carb checked? has your dealer looked at the power loss issue?
    As far as the starting issue, there is a kit that can be installed to take care of this, it is part # 107910.
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    Are you just now noticing the power loss on hills? Mine has 50 hrs and after a long day of mowing I attempted the same hill I tested it on before buying it and mine is acting like the engine wants to die. Did great all day long then on this hill it starts acting up. Mine has a 30 HP Kohler which I am waiting on the update kit for the carb or whatever it is which might be why. But tonight I also noticed my belts were slipping on my hydros and would not pull the same hill the way it did in the last 2 weeks. I noticed the belt tensioner is not working as well as I would like, but Hustler says they have a fix for this on it's way too, new pulley and spring. So I hope I make it until these fixes are all delivered.
  4. MJB

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    get the pump belt tensioner fix. It is a larger tension pulley and a heavier spring. Makes a huge difference on the hills. Your belts slip more than you realize also causing a loss of power. I noticed a big difference with the new setup. It took 15 minutes to install, if you also have a jerky hydro when turning around this will help that.

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