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Losing coolant

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My current truck (the one I will soon be getting rid of) is starting to lose coolant over a rather short period of time. For the past few years I've had to add coolant about 1 or maybe 2 times a year, never really thought anything of it as it wasn't that often that I would have to add some. Well, I just added coolant back in mid-January when my "low coolant" light came on. And just yesterday my "low coolant" light came on again! I just added coolant 2 months ago and now I had to again?!

I can't see any leaks on my garage floor and it doesn't appear to be leaking while the truck is parked. I have a feeling that this will be a fairly expensive repair.

Anyone have any idea if this actually will be an expensive repair or what might be the problem?
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I'm thinking that the coolant is going into the oil, that was my first guess. I checked the hoses that I could see/reach easily and couldn't find any "wet" spots or areas that appeared to be leaking.

Any idea what the repair would cost me if the coolant was getting into the oil?
Well that doesn't make me feel good...I'll have to try one of the "tests" they mentioned in that article, at least it will give me an idea if I have that problem or not.
It is a "big" enough leak to go through a half tank of coolant in 2 months. It doesn't appear to be leaking at any of the hoses that I can see, it still could be leak in a hose that I'm just not seeing. But I get the feeling that it is something more....and judging by my experience and my luck, it will be something a little more major. I'm hoping for the best but we'll see how it turns out. My truck will be gone through tomorrow by my mechanics, so should know the problem sometime tomorrow.

Should this be a major repair, I will not be fixing the problem and I will just buy a different truck, one that I have already found...2001 F350 crew cab lariat 7.3 powerstroke. Should be a good buy, I'm actually hoping I can get this new truck.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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