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Losing coolant

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My current truck (the one I will soon be getting rid of) is starting to lose coolant over a rather short period of time. For the past few years I've had to add coolant about 1 or maybe 2 times a year, never really thought anything of it as it wasn't that often that I would have to add some. Well, I just added coolant back in mid-January when my "low coolant" light came on. And just yesterday my "low coolant" light came on again! I just added coolant 2 months ago and now I had to again?!

I can't see any leaks on my garage floor and it doesn't appear to be leaking while the truck is parked. I have a feeling that this will be a fairly expensive repair.

Anyone have any idea if this actually will be an expensive repair or what might be the problem?
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To check for coolant in your oil take a taste test I'am not kidding. Take a little dap of the dipstick and on your tounge. If you taste a sweet taste you have traces of coolant in the oil. Coolant in the oil wipes out bearing so if you do have coolant in the oil the rod and crank bearings are the first ones to be wiped and then the cam bearings.

The best way to find coolant leaks is put dye in the coolant and use a black light. You will have to find a shop that does that it will also show up in your oil if you have a coolant leak.

The 6.5 engines are junk they have lots of problems I'am surprised you haven't snapped a crank shaft yet.
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