Losing Hydraulic Fluid

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by statman, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. statman

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    I have a Lazer HP 23 Kohler bought new in 05/04. It now has ~ 155 hours. Last Saturday I noticed fluid on top of the hydraulic tank. I took it to the dealer and the mechanic tightened the hydro filter about 1-1.5 turns and found a line to the left wheel motor almost off. He said the foamy-looking oil tipped him off that air was getting sucked in. He put a hose clamp on the line, filled the tank, and I was off again to mow.

    Last night I got more oil on top of the tank a couple of times. The oil was not foamy like it was Saturday. The level still looks ok. Any ideas?
  2. premiereman

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    I had the same problem with a 2002 toro z 150 . I was always havin the oil boil out the top of the cap. My question to you is . Are you mowing on any slopes, or to fast? Thats what they said to me about the z150. Since then I got me an exmark. Did you try to change the hydro fluid yet ?
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    Sounds like maybe a little too much oil in the system. If the tank is too full it will purge the extra oil out the cap. I would keep an eye on it until it mellows out.

    This holds true as long as no air is getting into the system!!

    Thanks, Fred.
  4. statman

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    I had it back to the dealer on Friday. He changed another hose clamp thinking air was getting in. I mowed all day Saturday with no problem. I always check the oil and hyrdo fluid before I mow and the hydro did not have too much fluid. I usually mow wide open and never had a problem before, so I don't think I was going too fast. Hopefully it is fixed.
  5. statman

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    Mowed today and spewed quite a bit of oil. What next?
  6. 65hoss

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    I think Fred is correct. Mine did that when I changed the fluid once. Its purged the excess out the vent hole in the cap for probably 2 weeks. A little oil looks like a lot. Once the level got back to normal, it stopped and never did it again.

    I was concerned when mine did it too. I talked to Fred on the phone about it then and he was correct. Once it got to the right level it quit.
  7. eXmark

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    Sorry guys I don't know what happened to my post.

    A small amount of oil on the cap/tank can be normal. The cap is vented as as air is passes out of the tank it can carry with it some oil residue and deposit it on the cap/tank.

    If the oil is foamy, flowing out the cap, pumping out the cap or anything more than a residue you should get it looked at. The foaming and pumping of oil out the cap is generally an indication that air is being drawn into the hydro drive system. Once this leak is corrected it can take some time to get the rest of the air out of the system.

    The most common causes for air in the hydro drive system is a "sucking air leak" which is often a loose hose or fitting and an error in procedure when changing the filter. ALWAYS pre-fill the filter before installing it.

    When I change hydro filters the first thing I do is fill the new filter with Mobil 1. I then remove the old filter which drains the hydro tank. After the tank is dry I then top off the filter and install it. Next I fill the tank and wait 15 minutes to allow all the little air bubbles to work their way to the top and then top off the tank.



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