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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by kc2006, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. kc2006

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    I just found out today that my former employer had passed away yesterday. This is a big loss to me because he's the one who taught me most of what I know about the lawn industry and being in business. It still hasn't really hit me that he's gone, the last time I saw him he was still pretty bitter towards me because I left, but I know he didn't truely mean it. I talked to the one guy that bought all his equipment when he sold it all last year and he said he always talked about me and how great a worker I was and how he wished I stuck around. It was a tough love type thing with him, we were close even outside the business almost like a father son relationship. But at the time I was so young that he didn't want to officially have me run the whole show, yet we all knew I could and basicly did.

    I had been wanting to go see him and tell him thanks for teaching me so much and let him know I started my own business, but I wasn't sure how that would go over and I didn't want to make him angry with knowing I went off on my own so I just let it go.

    Those few years I worked there were great years though, it was rough at times, but I still think they were great years and had a major impact on my life. I'm sure he knows how I feel and I'm sure he's in a much better place now. Charish the times people, we never know when it's over.
  2. Lux Lawn

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    KC,Sorry to hear about your loss,hang in there buddy.Your right he was probably upset to lose a good employee...don't take it personal.
  3. Trinity Lawn Care  LLC

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    KC, Sorry to hear about your loss.
  4. J&R Landscaping

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    Sorry to hear about your loss.
  5. PGA

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    Im very close with my old boss as well. He was in my wedding 6 years ago and we still talk 3-4 times a week. He will call me up and ask me how things are going and if I need any help with anything. We have become great friends.

    He's the closest thing to a mentor I have in this business.

    Its hard losing someone. Keep your head up and run a good honest business. That will make him proud of you.
  6. jsf343

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    Kc, sorry to hear about your friend. Hang in there.
  7. chriscraft

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    Our condolences KC our thoughts are with you
  8. hosejockey2002

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    Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend and mentor. If you feel comfortable about doing so, consider attending the funeral to pay your respects and tell his family what you had wanted to tell him. I'm sure it would mean a lot to them and maybe help you deal with any guilt you may have for not telling him what you wanted to.

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