Lost 1st account of the season.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Albery's Lawn & Tractor, Jul 11, 2007.

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    I HAD a customer in the nicest gated communtiy in town. His yard was about 3/4 of an acre and was zoysia emerald. He contacted me b/c he wasn't happy with his previous LCO, reason being he read a magazine or internet article saying zoysia is suppose to be cut at 1-1.5" and thats what he wanted it cut at. From the start I tried to tell him that they were talking about a reel mower not a rotary mower. But he's a stubborn doctor who thinks I'm some dumb lawn boy and tells me to just cut it a 1.5". So I do for 2 weeks but of course it scalps several areas in the yard and turns a few patches brown. Luckily he has a irragation system so it helped some what to get it back but I also started cutting (mulching) at 2". after 3 weeks (weekly mowing account) I have his yard looking nice and green, it's probably one of the best looking yards in the neighborhood.
    He calls one day to asks if I could plug aerate his yard and to ask if I could start to bag since thats what he says the article recommends. I tell him I'll aerate but we don't bag we mulch and thats what every other company is doing now to which he already knew. There was no need to bag, when I would mulch you couldn't see any clippings or anything, just nice stripes from the M60 Tank. I do the aeration on Tuesday and drive by two days laterwhile doing other work in the neighborhood, and I see a guy with a Poluan Riding mower bagging the yard:hammerhead: . This guy must have cut on the lowest notch and turned the entire yard BROWN!!!! Meanwhile the customer never calls to cancel or anything. So I show up the next week to mow and I had to cut 1.75" just so you could tell it had been mowed. Following week I show up and guess what......yep it's been cut and bagged again and now it looks horrible!!!
    So after all this I just drop off a bill and in big bold letters I put FINAL BILL. They call today and say there gonna have to cancel:dizzy: and that there yard needs to be bagged. I don't care about losing the account but I tried to tell the PITA that he needed a REEL MOWER, and that I had one that cuts 12 Feet wide but I won't use it for less then $300 b/c it's an expensive piece and is a pain to transport. Even if they had begged me to continue I would have refused as I don't want to be known as the guy who killed a lawn in this neighborhood even though it wasn't me but some have seen my truck and trailer there.

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    I have a big job in a nice area, about 20k sq ft, my largest lawn. He wants it bagged AND taken away. So I raised his price and tried bagging some with a 36 wb, i would side discharge it to one area then rake it up and leave the bags there, I would cut day before garbage day. Finally my mulch kit came in and I've been mulching and he can't tell the difference.
  3. swingset

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    I just refuse the bagging jobs. I know some people want them, but for me it's a PITA, and the customers that want bagging end up being anal or complainers (dunno if there's some psychology behind that, but I think bagging=compulsiveness).

    I'm sure I've said no to some otherwise good accounts, but life's too short to do stuff I don't want to. Plenty of good customers out there!
  4. Budget

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    I hate to turn work down, but i had a few this year that wanted it bagged. You wonder why they always looking for a new lawn service.
  5. Liquidfast

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    I read in an article once that those pesky demanding customers actually resent THEMSELVES and therefore relate bagging grass with the use of a condom. They (the anal customers) feel if you bag their grass (essentially place a condom on the mower), nothing bad will happen to their lawn.

    What is wrtten above is total BS on my part but show it to an anal bagging account and if any of them start to cry, drop them N O W and run as fast as you can!

    Good luck, be safe out there!
  6. bullethead

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    Guys like that - either punt them to the curb because they are always going to have an opinion that you will have to address or jack their price up to the point that you think it is worth screwing with. As am I sure many have said on here before, there are plenty of good customers and life is short.
  7. Turf Professionals Inc.

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    First off, that article that the doctor read is WRONG!!! By removing the clippings from the grass, you end up removing up to 25% of the Nitrogen needs of the grass! This WILL turn the grass brown. It may not happen in a week but it will happen!
    Secondly, I do not even talk to people who feel as though they know more than I do! They just end up being a pain in my a$$. If they know so much about it they need to get out there and sweat there ballz off to do it! I am a Professional! I take my job very seriously! If they hire me, I do it the way I know it needs to be done! I do not allow clients to tell me different!
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    I tried to get away from bagging but sometimes with the 21" mowers I have it's easier and looks better just to bag it. I can't bag with the 36" Toro because it has a mulch kit but it does such a great job I'm happy with the results.
  9. avjohnson

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    Good to know many others are not bagging anymore. I'm weaning my places now but some have so many beds I have to bag those areas. I esp hate bagging when it's a dust pit and I end up breathing pure dust and blinking and having my contacts fall out.
  10. MeadowsLawnCare

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    Bagging is ********. If you can't see any grass behind, why bag? I can't believe the customers that want you to bag even after you show them what it looks like mulched. Even if you tell them its better for the lawn. One lady things that it "chokes" the lawn out and the grass will die. LOL. Thats why I just charge extra for my extra time, the extra pain, and the extra strain of lifting the bags too.

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