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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fastlane, Jun 22, 2002.

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    I picked up a customer after they cut once this year. talked to wife,husband away most of time. He calls and tells me lawn had never looked so good. (done 8 times)Says he'll pay me to do his fathers.I talk to father and do the job.He says great job,But it's his property he'll pay me. I take the check.The next day I'am at the sons'. I tell wife I'am going to raise cutting from 3 to 31/2'' and why. She says good idea. I'am ready to leave and the husband pulls up. Thinking I just got there he says great job,but can you cut at 2''. I say no and explain why. I tell him his father paid me and they should decide who'll pay, don't put me in middle.This week i show up and both places have been cut. No one home. I do a great job but get fired from 2 places? Where did I go Wrong? Sorry this is so long needed to vent.
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    The customer is always right except when you want to be in control....:p :D :cool:
    Did the husband seem upset about something, maybe he just taking it out on you instead of his wife? Maybe if you had tried to explain to him why it shouldn't be cut that low and why it should be cut as high as you had it? Or just tell him that you'll start cutting PROGRESSIVELY lower, and that you're not going to just wack it all off right then and there for free. But next week you'll start cutting lower and work down to his 2" mark, alittle at a time. Or say great, and charge him xx amount of $$ and run over it again at 2" and leave the clippings from both cuttings over the lawn and see how he likes it then. Sometimes you have to find a way to explain things or teach a lesson to the customer w/o losing any pride and w/o losing respect etc. This way you still keep each other in good standing and keep the lawn in good looks!
    PS sorry to hear about this loss... I had 3 accounts cancel me this week for various reasons (not dump me just cancel for this week). Since I only have 5 lawns to do, losing 60% of my accounts for a week made me feel really down and out, so I kinda know how you feel. But then again you probably have a better chance at making up for it and you lost a smaller percentage of your work. Good luck to you.

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