Lost 2 Kawasaki ingition coils in one week!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by arjay, Oct 11, 2006.

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    I have a Lazer Z HP with a Kawasaki 23 on it. Last week I lost the ignition coil on cylinder 1. Replaced it and the new coil lasted less than 2 hours! Did I just have bad luck or should I be looking at something else? Thanks, Arjay.
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    You may have replaced the wrong one...A kawasaki tech once told me to allways replace them as a set. They do not use diodes between the two so you could have a working coil that is grounding out the other good coil since there is just a common wire going to both kill leads. The one you replaced may have actually been alright. The other coil may have been interfering with it. For the 35-40 bucks a coil you are alot better off to just put both in at once and be done with it for quite a while.
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    Check the coils to see they are not cracked or cooked in any way. If there is a short some where in the elecrtical system of any mower the battery and charging systems can backfeed into the coil and cook it even melt the casing. I have seen this happen so many times I lost count years ago. The key switch is the most common for this type of short to happened but not the only place.

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