Lost 3.5 HP over the Winter


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I have one ZTR with the FX801V Kawasaki which was rated at 29 HP last year when I bought it. I get on Lawnsite and find out it has been changed to a 25.5 hp engine due to different testing methods. I actually applaud Kawasaki for changing to a stricter method of rating small engine horse power.

I guess what surprises me is that I tested the Kawasaki and Kohler engines and the Kawasaki seemed (was) much more powerful for the same given hp. I know the 29 Kawasaki (now called a 25.5) is much more powerful than the 27 Kohler. I think this is going to mislead some people when they compare the 2 brands. I like both brands but Kohler overstate the power in comparison to Kawasaki in my experience, even before Kawasaki adopted the new rating. If a 29 HP Kawasaki is rated at 25.5 now then the 27 Kohler must be in the low 20's hp wise. Hopefully all manufacturers will get on same page or many consumers will be mislead by the claimed H.P. of Kohler. Just my opinion, I like both engines.


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Had coffee this am with a fellow lco. He was picking up a Grandstand with a 24 hp engine. His dealer told him that engine is now rated at 19 hp. Quite a difference.

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This is no different from the early 70's when auto manufactures went from gross to net horsepower. It cut about 35% off of every engine over night. People got used to it. I do agree that it's not fair that Kohler still uses the old testing specs while Kawi is using the new ones. But as I pointed out in another thread, this was a civil lawsuit that forced this. It's not law. Kohler does this at their own peril since precedent has already been set.


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i was looking at that the other day, and was blown away, cuz that new 24 is beastly compared to the 19. i am gonna invetigate further


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I sent kohler a email about the different ratings. Ill see what they say.
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