Lost 3 Hustler dealers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. tacoma200

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    Well Hustler sent me some information on the Super Z's and the phone numbers and addresses of dealers in my area. Well the first dealer they had crossed out by hand and said he was no longer a dealer. Ok I thought I'll call another, well they told me they no longer carried the Hustler line that Hustler had taken away thier dealersip for Hustler mowers. Called a third and he told me he could no longer deal with Hustler because they made it so hard on the distributer. I won't get into detail because you never know whats true and what's here say. Anyway I've heard good things about Hustler but three dealers that have stopped carrying them in my general area mean I probably won't buy one anytime soon unless a dealer assures me he will be in business for the long haul. Even a very good mower would become a pain if you had to drive an hour to get it serviced and not sure if that dealer will be there when you need him.
  2. lazer 46

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    I've swapped emails with Hustler about locating a dealer near me. There are none. The closest one is 50 miles and they just got the dealership. Not close enough.
  3. fulano

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    Sounds like a business opportunity.
  4. ProStreetCamaro

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    I to wanted to look at some husters but no dealers to be found. As a matter of fact in all my years of doing this kind of work I have only ever seen 1 huster mower on a trailor.
  5. lazer 46

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    i told them the area is ripe for picking.They said they were trying.
  6. JB1

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    Tacoma, where in Kentucky are you located.
  7. topsites

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    Good, now you can get a Toro. :laugh:
  8. Palmer'sLS

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    why buy a toro?....i dont like to visit my dealer very often:laugh:
  9. tacoma200

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    I live in South Central Kentucky not far from Tennessee. The Bowling Green dealer dropped them (or got dropped), same for the Glasgow dealer, same for the Campbellsville dealer. There is one about 55 miles away but its just a little farm equipment store (mechanic probalbly goes by Bubba). Another one that I called 3 times to talk to a saleman and he was busy each time (so they must just have one). No big deal. I usually buy a mower every two years or so, so I'm in no big hurry and my Lazer is doing fine just not sure about the new Exmarks so I'm keeping my options open. My last two Lazers have been great machines and I'm usually able to get a good deal when there are several dealers to work with but this would be diffifcult with so few Hustler dealers and the distance I would have to drive for service. I've only seen one Hustler in this county. We seem to have a mix of all brands with grasshopper front mounts being the most popular here believe it or not. Most say its because the difficult terrain that the grasshoppers will do the deeper ditches and banks better. I was told by one dealer that Hustler was playing hard ball (my words not his) and he would have to buty so many units and pay ahead that it just wasn't worth it. If I were trying to improve sales I would want to make it easier for a dealer not harder. You just can't but the number of units he was talking about in a rural area like this and make it as a dealers. Maybe in Kentucky's larger towns. Three dealers in a fairly small radius of my home getting out of the Huster business gives me reason to doubt they would be here for me. They all thought Hustler was a pretty good mower. I'm not trying to knock Hustler, I would love to test drive one after all the good things I've heard (exept I may give them a year or so to work out problems with the decks).
  10. rodfather

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    I don't think in 13 years I have ever seen one around me...everything here is either red or orange.

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