Lost 6 yards today... probably 2 more

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ofishil, Jul 25, 2005.

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    Well i lost 6 yards today... first one an older couple "an on call basis", the daughter put husband in hospice and wife sent to old folks home.. shes has alzeheimers. 2nd for a lady that wanted her ugly yard bagged because she thinks its the best. After pulling weeds bagging comes 2nd in my book of sucky things. 3rd a lady retiring and moving away. I will stop this one in around a month. 4th another lady finally sold her house. two more cuts for this one. 5 and 6th yards are for a lady who has some property around town i had 4 of them. not quite sure what happened with this one but she called and said she was cancelling those two of my service because she found someone who works for the city to do it and keep up with it. ( i have no idea what that means, she put the guy who works for the city like he was an idol on the message.) i will find out tomorrow what happened. So this leads to a question... Can someone half fire you? I feel like telling her to find someone else. Or ask the "city employee" to come do it. I probably would have if it wasnt for the other 4. I will probably tell her i will only take a quarter off her montly bill. She is a high risk for me. My business theory is if they take care of me I will take care of them.

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    Some Of What You Said Is Unavoidable An You Should Brush It Off........but Follow Up With The New Owners Of The Houses. As For The Real Estate Guru With A City Worker On The Payroll.........sounds Like She Is Trying Out Somebody Cheaper But Doesnt Want To Burn Her Bridges Just Yet With You In Case It Doesnt Work Out. Keep An Eye On Her Account, Make Sure She Pays On Time. Also Take Some Pics Of You Work Compared To His.
    Is He Doing Work On The Side With City Equipment Or On City Time ? If So And I Lost Anymore Jobs To This Clown I Would Get Video Or Pics And Send Copies To The Mayor The County Prosecutor And The Sales Tax People. But If He Has A Legit Business On The Side Then Theres Not Much You Can Do.

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