Lost a battle!

Bunton Guy

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charlotte nc
I have had a PITA customer since the 1st day she signed the contract. I had enough yesterday....she had called and left a rude message that she was very unhappy that we didnt pick up the gumballs that fell in her lawn. The thing is we specificaly told her we don't pick them up and its NOT in the contract. She was complaining that she spent 5 hours on sunday raking them up and was not going to pick them up by herself she said we must come at once to pick them up! .....so I got to it when I could which was about 3-4 days later and started picking up the piles. Well little to my knowing all 20 of the little piles were stacked with dog $hit ! and like hell im going to be picking up her dogs crap (which at thsi point I had it all over my hands unknowingly) so I blew half of the piles into her natural areas just to get done with it as I was so so so furious that I had just been playing with dog crap which I thought was mud! . She called later that day and was once again furious! So I let her know that I wasent going to pick up her dogs crap and that was not what im being payed for...she got POED and said don't come back that she and her dog do not deserve to be disrespected! I laughed and said have a good evening and hung up. How would you handle that situation. She was the type fo customer to call every few weeks to say her front steps havent been blown off since we started the contract 6 months ago and her last service would leave her steps completly clean any month of the year....rain shine wind or not she said they had her steps and driveway clean as a button...which we all know is BS as soon as some wind comes through that junk is right back on the steps which her reaction to that comment when I was on the phone was ( I dont think that ever happens! )


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Some people are just out to get as much out of us as they can. You did good, IMO.


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Unless she was offering to pay additional money for you to pick them up, you lost this one. You specifically said that it was not in your contract but yet you went over later to do it? You showed submission at that point.


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Mutual well being is a wonderful concept; in every aspect of life.
Sounds like you have been putting up with a lot of complaining from this customer and its time to move on.
Sometime in the future when your are evaluating what is working (or not) for your business; this customer would be a good example of a not good experience. We learn from all our experiences (good & bad) and only you can be the judge of that.

Peace @ last = less stress.

The upside - now there is am opening for a mutually beneficial business relationship with a new customer. Good luck.

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ROTFLMFAO!!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: You were handling DOG $HIT and you didnt konw it??? So the smell didnt tip you off? "WOW! This mud sure does smell a whole lot like dog $HIT!!" I was just wondering when it finally hit you.

I'm sorry man. I had to have fun with this one. Sorry for your misfortune. I would have dropped her like a warm pile of dog $HIT too. :laugh:


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You could have at least mowed the yard once more and when her disrespected dog came out, run his furry little butt over and that would have fixed that problem! LOL I say you got rid of a serious problem, WTG.
i hate these nagging old bat customers , i know sometimes you look at it as you need the money but you dont need to prostitute yourself to that trash . i dropped a few of them myself last year . and now i only offer weekly services NO exceptions , for the reason that i had a PITA last year that thought he would just call up the office every time he wanted the lawn cut and no sooner and then complain because the grass is clumping up , sooo i told him i would have to charge extra to bag which was an insult to him so i delt with him for another month or so bagging free of charge and then i got fed up when he started falling behind on payment soo i figured i could play these games to so two weeks later when he called up for his cut i kept telling him ill be there in a few days 2 weeks later he called again about his lawn "now a hay field" i told him i wasnt doing it anymore , i feel sorry for the sucker that got that account :eek:)

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Milford CT
I got to tell one off last year that was so bad I wont relive it here I did get burnt out of 400 but feel lucky it could of been much worse. Very big complainer and very poor payer I finally snapped when he thought I was going to do warranty work for him when he was into me for most of the season. He goes I told you I'm very particular I said yes sir you did and being that way I would think you of all people would know to pay your bills on time and if you wish for me to continue I expect all that you owe me plus that job you just asked for in advance. It was worth watching him run in his house like a little bi*ch when I raised my voice after it became apparent he was not going to pay what he owed. I now terrorize him ever time I go to that street he’s afraid of me and unfortunately for him I have 11 houses on his street and none of them like him.