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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Frontstreetlawns, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Well i lost my 2nd biggest account, and I lost it by doing what i was told. THey wanted me to focus my time on getting the place back into shape. So i told them that by doing that i would be spending less time on the routine stuff from time to time. They let me go because i wasnt paying attetion to the details. I knew this and told them this, but i guess this is what you get when you have 1 contact and 8 owners. It was about 10 percent of my gross, My price was low on that account and it was by the hour. I guess this is a blessing in desguiss in the fact that i can replace it with higher paying jobs. we will see. Hope God is watching out for me. Im trusting him
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    Man until I read your post I was down in the dumps, but see LOL that crap is too funny because I lost one too and for the exact same reason except my reaction was the opposite Lmao! And you might not think it's funny but then this isn't the first time it's happened to me either so it gets to that point, if I don't laugh...

    Yup, the customer, just like yours, demanded I do things a certain way, and long story short I refused.
    Three days later, same end result as yours.

    But reading what happened to you makes me feel a little better, knowing that had I caved in to their demands it would have most likely ended up down the same road.

    Why is the only thing that is left unanswered.
    No, wait, I got it!
    My price was low, too.
    I should have priced that stupid lot right and this would have never happened, at least not to me.
    Note to self: Write down the correct price just in case they call back one day. :p

    But it does blow, what a work shortage does to ya, same problem here.
    Try and please them and it don't work either, what a load.

    Oh, do believe in God, I think that helps.
  3. CrewKut

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    Hang in there.

    Ten percent is a huge hit to take all at once. However, if this job was not priced right to begin with, then they did you a favor. This is an opportunity to replace that account with one that is priced correctly. Don't dwell on it, just get busy and move forward. Good luck. :drinkup:

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    From personal experience it always happens with the people that are on a budget ie cheap people. After you bend over backwards trying to accommodate their shoestring budget, once the place starts to look better you get the dreaded pink slip out of know where.

    I have learned to charge everything up front with no discounts, and the slightest hint of any PITA behaviors(that gut feeling we all get) I walk or increase the price even more. My biggest PITA's have been cheap people.

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