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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by jslawncare22, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. jslawncare22

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    I need some serious advice on pricing mulch i have lost to 10 mulch jobs this year how do you guys charge for a much job by the hour- by the yard - by the foot ? im lost and im tired of not making any $$$

    I was told by the guy i bought out to charge by the foot "$8 A foot if it is 3ft wide x the length im confused on that

    So i came up with charging for regular mulch $65 a load delivered and install if local i can get a yard of reg for $20 then each step up is $20 more so for the red it would be $105 delivered and install i know it high but im not sure what else any suggestions ??
  2. zak406

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    I charge by the job, I find by the yard does not work particulary well because there is always something extra involved with mulching weather it be trimming htis cleaning this ex. ex.
  3. indplstim

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    we charge anywhere from 65-80 per yard installed including edging, it also all depends on what your market(area) can handle, obviously its different prices everywhere u go, mulch here is anywhere from $18-$32 per yard picked up depepnding on quality and type
  4. ashgrove landscaping

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    Yea you are high. Get a little on the material an charge by the hour. That way you are always making money.
  5. knox gsl

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    If I could get it for $20 per yard, I would charge $75 per yard delivered and installed, plus extra for any bed prep work, and may do a price break if they get over 10 yards. Estimating (guesstimating) how much you need takes time and ther is no real good formula. For my area most homes are less than 4 yards for a yearly freashening. Also you can play with the price some if you can drive next to the beds, maybe lower, and if you have to wheel it uphill for a hundred yards then charge more.
  6. J.R. Services

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    65/yd undyed, 80/yd dyed, around here mulching is a dying business thanks to lowes and even mulch suppliers, with bagged mulch people can haul it n their suvs, and luch suppliers are willing to deliver for a little bit of nothing, and all people need is a wheelbarrow and a rake. This is what happens when times get tight
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  7. TurnerLawn&Landscape

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    $100/yd died mulch installed and delivered....extra for trimming/pruning and bed edging
  8. nobagger

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    YUP! Typical mark up on most products is anywhere from 25-35%. In our little landscaping world its more like 5-10%. We mark up a small margin but you can only mark it up as far as list is.....if you buy mulch from a local seller and his regular price is say, 30 bucks per yard and sells it to you for 27 per yard, you can only mark it up so far. You don't want to mark it up any further than the customer can buy it for. We usually sell it for list then a delivery fee and per man hour to install it.
  9. nobagger

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    Bagged mulch has been around for years at box stores. This is why you educate your customer's in the fact bulk is so much more cost effective.
  10. greenstar lawn

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    The yard where i get mulch from is $24 hardwood, $28 dyed and $31 for ceder. I charge $90 a yard for delivery and installed. does not incl any trimming. Though i see it as cheap as $32 delivered and installed for hardwood. I mainly only target my lawn customers so i don't have a problem with another company coming in and under bidding me.

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