Lost apartments to robots

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by hurley'sland22, Mar 9, 2019.

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    We have a portfolio of apartments and lost one that was a somewhat small apartment type low income property with fescue/Bermuda/weed turf in a not so great area. Losing the property was not a big deal in fact it was probably a blessing in disguise for us. Thought it was worth sharing because they told us they were going with a “robotic lawn care system”. I’ve been following robotic mowers for a while and I know they have been somewhat successful on small residential yards and but for the life of me I can’t see how this is going to work on this type of property. This property was barebones maintenance and I’m assuming to get a robotic mower system running they are going to have to invest at least 10k upfront.

  2. Charles

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    Going to be funny when a dog attacks the robots. Some kid thinks it is a toy. Nobody? picks up the trash. Nobody? to weedeat. Somebody steals the robots
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    I give that system 2 months and they will put this out to bid again. Some property manager had a "great" idea and thought they'd share it with a penny pinching owner.
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    What kind of fantasy is that idea ? Robot mowers have major issues in wide open spaces. I don't see that happening ... your phone will be ringing sooner than later.

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    Yea it’s not going to last
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    If its in a bad area they will find a way to steal it or break it just for kicksThumbs Up
    Imo its like a new car theres always someone who wants to scratch it as soon as its parked just because
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    I thought the politicians told me the illegals are going to take my great job?? Ohh no this upcoming campaign season it’s going to be the robots taking jobs!!! Probably going to have to wall that apartment complex So the robots don’t get out at take more of our jobs!
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    Oh no...here 'they' come............:eek:
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  9. JFGLN

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    I figure eventually landscapes will be designed with robot mowers in mind.
  10. That Guy Gary

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    Oh man I wish I lived closer, I'd seriously go out of my way to watch this.

    I'd be expecting a bit of a poopshow or at least some wholesome comedy but would be impressed if it worked well.
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