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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Burley, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Burley

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    Complete newby here with a situation I would like some input on. Over the winter I provided the city with a price quote for the season. It was on a per mowing basis. Turns out I had the lowest bid but they decided to ask the company that did the work the previous years if they would be willing to do the work for the fee I quoted. I am wondering if this is typical. I am a little irritated and disappointed. The city administrator tells me that this is OK for them to do since they asked for a quote and not a bid. A bid would have been a sealed bid and no negotiations. I am bothered by the fact that they never called em to see if I would go lower....if that's the way they want to play, like an auction then I would have gone lower.

    Do I have any recourse here? Just didn't seem fair to me but I have no experience.
  2. bohiaa

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    they can word it anyway they want to but it still stinks
  3. NELawnCare

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    Nope. A quote is simplay a rough guess. A bid is a formal submission. Not too much you can do about it. You could see an attorney, but it would just be added costs and you'd probably get the same answer. I think there is some free legal web sites where you can post questions and get some legal answers. Try that first.
  4. fargoboy

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    Call it dumb beginners luck. You lucked out. How so you ask. Look at last years winner. The city liked their work so much that they wanted them back this year at your price. You see the object is to raise prices and make a bigger profit, not cut prices and lose money. Something better will turn up shortly and you will be thankful that you are not burdened with a money losing job clogging your schedule.
  5. Burley

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    from Midwest
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    Thanks for the input to each of you. That's what I was looking for.....confirmation that this is just the way it goes and I have to move on!
  6. cantoo

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    Give them a lower quote next year and then when they give you the job call them the day before you are scheduled to cut and say it was only a quote the actual bid is 30% higher. You can play the game too.
  7. StBalor

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    Now that would be a good one.

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