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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by dc4020, Nov 5, 2012.

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    First off, thank you for taking the time to look at my post.

    I currently live in TN and am active duty military. I cover my work week in 3.5 days which puts me over 40 hours a week as well as on call 24/7.

    I have been mowing my neighbors yard this past summer and decided that with all of my free time I would like to possibly expand (or try to expand) and have 20-30 yards and earn supplemental income. I get very confused when I start trying to comprehend business licenses, and taxes (quarterly tax payments and such). I do not want to have any employee's and I don't even care if I have an actual business name. I will only be doing this in the area for 1 summer as I will have to transfer out of the area. Also, I apologize if that is bad practice in the business.

    How does the whole tax payments work? Are you able to just add it on at the end of the year as a form of extra income? I am not looking for tax breaks or anything in that manner, just want to cover myself on income earned, does any of this make sense?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    You would be better served to go work for someone else. It takes several years to get to the point of making money in this business.
  3. dc4020

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    Okay, thanks for the advice. However, I am not trying to go buy a bunch of equipment or undercut anyone for that matter...

    I already have my Honda Pushmower and other needed equipment. I live in a large neighborhood with small 1/4 acre lawns where I am well acquainted with a number of the residents and could easily obtain work. I don't see how I could not earn money if I am just working my neighborhood with equipment I already have and no overhead minus fuel and other misc items.

    I simply asked a question concerning being legitimate so I don't run into tax issues down the road.
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    I disagree--it would be a lot easier to go work for someone, as it will take a fair amount of time and effort to get licenses -

    -you can make money , many guys do--it'll just be kinda tough in one year to get the yards and maintain the equipment-
    a lot of trouble for one year--if you do it by the book-
    go talk to an accountant--maybe HR block or someone on a military base that would be free to you--
    also go lookup the local tax office near where you are at and they will be able to set you up with a sales tax account and direct you to where you can get the business license-

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