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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by new leaf, Jun 12, 2006.

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    in the event your mowing schedule falls behind schedule do to large amount of rain like we have had here in new hampshire and the customer needs to be skipped BUT can be cut the following week out of schedule and then cut on their regular day. i.e.(schedule friday cut weather rained out, reschedule for monday then revisit friday on their regular scheduled )
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    was there a question in there? i don't think i caught all that.
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    I didnt see it either but looks like if you miss Mr. Jones one week due to rain bang him twice the next week(might be looking for approval or members doing the same)?
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    Assuming this is the case, the only time I charge extra is if or when a customer delays me from doing my job (such as calling me and telling me it doesn't need it for another week, or insisting on a 14-day schedule when I know it needs it sooner, as examples).

    My company and I stand behind the customer when the weather plays us bad, I gladly eat the difference for those times when I get to take it easy, it all adds out in the end. Spring is by far the worst, but I usually make out like a bandit in summer and not badly in the fall, so if it rains, it rains... My mower cuts that extra 3-4 inches like it wasn't even there, double cuts are standard anyhow. Matter of fact, I like my grass to be ankle high before I cut it, otherwise it's such a waste of my time and fuel, sometimes I think customers who need their grass cut every time it grows 1/16th of an inch, to me that is a compulsion of sorts and may require treatment :laugh:
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    Yes that is what I do. Cut it ASAP and then on their next scheduled day.

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