Lost more customers than ever because they "cut it themselves from now on"

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smallstripesnc, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. pseudosun

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    what about the ones who do it themselves, but they call you after a couple months to "just edge real quick" :nono:
  2. 32vld

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    $45 for less then a 1/4 acre that is not cheap.

    I always skip the houses when I see a LCO working it. Does not feel right for me to leave a flyer there. Even though I know that the rest of the other houses where I leave flyers that some of them have a LCO counting on retaining their business.
  3. smallstripesnc

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    I agree that lco's are popping up everywhere. Its sad because some don't even have a passion for it. They honestly don't know the difference between warm season and cool season turf's.

    The $45 ones are mainly ones with slopes that I have to line trim because they're too steep imo for a walk behind and much too steep for a ztr. I've actually had a guy call and ask me if I would come by and edge every month or so for him lol. The rain this year really screwed me up because I lost a lot then because I reused to cut during the rain and they insisted I come while its muddy and cut which I refused to do so they found someone else because they couldn't wait until the weather gets better and it drys out some.
  4. ddixon7

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    Its like that all across the country, and has been for years. There is a new crop of outfits every year. You see them today, gone tomorrow. They all suck. You have to remember that their are low-barriers-to-entry in this industry. One would think that you can grab a mower, trimmer and blower and be a business. Its not quite that simple and they will soon vanish to make space for new idiots.

    If you do supreme and reliable work, and have customers that are willing to pay high dollar for this work, then don't worry. Make your customers see the difference. Just don't let them have any reason to look at next guy.
  5. herler

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    Yup, ain't that the truth.

    I would give folks a break, trying to help them out too...
    But you know what, it sure doesn't seem to improve anything.
    You speak of the ones who don't stick with you, I have ones who will later still stiff you (or they just can't or don't pay).

    Seems to me too, the more I try and help someone, the harder they try to get even more out of me.
    Lowballing is an attitude, once they see it they think that's the name of the game, so they play.

    Way I see things, if the price started at $35 every week and we're chewing on $30 biweekly now?

    You know, it's one thing to give $5 off and be done.
    But a lot of times I've already given a discount of some kind in my initial quote, and they're still not sure?
    Time to walk away.
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  6. BladeGunner

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    The economy is still in the toilet, thats why a lot of people have to cancel the luxury of lawn service. High gas prices is why most people cancel service.....Some people think the economy is getting better, but it depends on what state you live in. Other states are revovering faster than others.
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  7. greendoctor

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    Anyone that bargains you down cannot really afford you or else, they can, but think you should be doing a lot more for what you are charging. RUN!
  8. weeze

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    target older people that aren't able to mow it themselves.
  9. herler

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    Good point, come to think of it I've busted myself stupid wondering what it was just to have it turn out to be something in my advertising that targeted the crowd I was dealing, or in some cases, fussing with. I wouldn't spend too many gray hairs on it but it might pay to look it over good one time, just in case you might spot it... Hopefully it's something simple, in my case it took at least a few years before it hit me one day... I couldn't hardly believe it but I was targeting certain folks by offering "grass cutting," only in my later years did it occur to me that I should be offering "lawn mowing," apparently and perhaps somewhat unfortunately it can be something that simple.

    Granted changing those two simple words didn't flip the world in the exact direction I had hoped, but help it did.
    Something about we bring it on ourselves, then complain to no end.
    Story of my life, why things are like that, I couldn't say.

    The only reason I mention it is because I have a feeling it could be in the customers being targeted or more appropriately how they are being targeted, and in that sense it's possibly something within the advertising that's doing it, could be the method, the media, the wording, a picture... Again I wouldn't fuss over it too hard because you might still be at it next year (and still not have hit the nail on the head) but I have a feeling the solution might lie in that direction.
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  10. smallstripesnc

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    A lot of the ones I've lost have came from craigslist which is probably the root of the problem since they're seeking a deal. Craigslist is very active in my area so its pretty much guaranteed to get calls if you advertise on craigslist.

    I also get customers from flyers and referrals.

    This year I hope to really focus on the fert and squirt side of lawn care since that's where my passion is and I'll still offer mowing. I know the economy still isn't great but Charlotte is a very busy city and has a lot of money in it which leads me to believe I must of just gotten the wrong crowd of customers.

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