lost my first customer, due to weed control results.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by inzane, May 18, 2013.

  1. inzane

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    so yeah, i know customers will come and go.. but particularly bummed out today about a customer who had one treatment, and waitied 4 weeks and cancelled due to weed control results after one treatment. the lawn was clean when i started, mabee a few weeds here and there. I used three-way this time, 1 oz per 1,000 Sq. Ft. I normally get pretty good results with three-way, not as good as speedzone though.. The weather was a little cooler when i sprayed last month, i know this had alot to do with results. However, the lawn was cut shorter then, he could have had some poa that i didn't see, (didn't notice any) i dunno, it just really sucks when somebody can't even give me a chance like that. I do free service calls, I would have come back out if he would have called. We are seeing weed breakthrough all over with the spring rains, that poke salad, aka pigweed is comming up all over... such a pain in the butt. Haven't had many complaints this year so far except the one guy.. I have a few lawns that did not respond as well as i would have liked to the fall pre-emergent but overall nothing major.

    On most of my new starts i've used speedzone, and have had plenty callbacks on how amazed they were at how fast the results were.. but three-way, i get my first cancel. lol. I think this is one of those customers that expects everything to happen in one visit, and expects 100% control at all time. I have had decent results with three-way though, really don't know what this guys prob is, he doesn't want me to take a look. I kinda feel bad, almost want to send him his money back.. almost. I always try to do everything possible to make things right for all my customers no matter how difficult they may be. hah, so i guess i'm just venting here.. I am letting it ruin my whole weekend.
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    i had this happen in march. i treated killed weeds and put pre. due to the yard not being treated for years she had weeds pop up and called and cancelled. i explained to her it will take a few treatments. she was ignorant and cancelled. i rode past her yard yesterday and she has tru green and it looks TERRIBLE! some people just wont give you a chance. move on and forget it. people are ignorant
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    but i to have seen a few weeds here and there due to the amount of rain we have had this spring.

    you do have your license right? j/k sorry i just love when people respond with that question. its great!
  4. Blade Runners

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    She obviously hasn't read the online reviews about TruGreen. http://www.pissedconsumer.com/reviews-by-company/trugreen.html
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  6. Service 1st Lawn Care

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    And here all along I thought this stuff was miracle juice, and I would never have to do anything but pay.:hammerhead:

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    The more clients you have the greater chance you will have those who dont understand how lawncare is an ongoing process.
    Through the years i have come to use these phrases when selling our services:
    "Lawn care is a process, not an event"
    "Think of lawn care as taking vitamins. Taking one tablet will not be very beneficial; and taking the whole bottle at one time will make you very sick"

    We still lose a few customers because they fail to adhere to our printed instructions regarding mowing, watering, aeration, etc., and want us to be the scapegoat. That is why we constantly have a marketing prescence for new leads to replace cancelled customers and grow the business.

    Sometimes old clients will call back several years later after realizing you were actually doing a good job!
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    i got a neighbor who i did one treatment for who seems to be heading down that same road. One treatment, all the broadleaf weeds are dead, but they are impatient for the poa to die out, the lawn will look great once that stuff dies off but this lady who is 6 months pregnant insists on getting out there and spraying spectracide from a hose end sprayer, no gloves, wearing flip flops.. to make matters worse she just throws down the hose and hose end sprayer with spectracide down in the yard when done and leaves it there, and the 3 young children she has will be playing around it in the yard.. I swear there should be license requirements to reproduce! I mentioned something to her one time, but it went in one ear out the other. oh well. Hopefully her unborn child will be OK.
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    Ugh don't get me started on the pigweed/fireweed this year. It's pretty bad with all the rain and cooler temps we've had. It's been too cool for the Bermuda to really thicken up like it should to block out the weeds. A few more weeks of 80's and it'll be better.
  10. macgyver_GA

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    Yep, I had one drop me last year to hire Scott's for turf care and just have me mow. she called me back this year and asked me to do the turf care again in addition to mowing when she realized that I was doing a good job. Her reasoning for dropping me last year was because she could still see the fertilizer granules on the lawn a few weeks after the app. I explained to her that it was slow release granules and it's better for her lawn due to the fact she doesn't have an irrigation system and never waters her lawn (relies on rainfall).

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