lost my first customer, due to weed control results.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by inzane, May 18, 2013.

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    Had to look. There are lots of used Nationals, Toro, JD, and Jacobsen reels for sale on Ebay. Golf courses also sell stuff off as well. The cost of replacing consumable parts is not as bad as having to buy it new. A National is almost $20,000 brand new. The others cost as much as a BMW. :eek:
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    Dont let this bother you. They are doing you a favor by making your future life less stressful! They come and go, its.your net client growth that matters. Besides, he might not have been honest with his cancel reason amyways (most are not). Water under the bridge.
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    I used to take it very personal

    Not now

    Now when we have a cancel I ask "how much did they spend with us"

    If under $500 a year I don't sweat it

    If over $500 I may call them and try to save them if I like them

    You will see many come and go

    It's your core customers that are loyal and they are the ones that pay the bills

    U just can't make them all happy and it takes a while to learn that
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    I try to be very upfront with the customers and tell them it may take a couple applications especially with the hard to control weeds. Losing a customer like that in my route is often a blessing.
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