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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bdemir, Feb 1, 2000.

  1. bdemir

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    I recieved a lot of helpful information on this site and it was all great and then i lost all of it when my computer crashed and i had to wipe out my whole hard drive. I was going to order a trimmer and a blower. But unfortunatly a virus beat me to that. <br>If it is not to much trouble i would like to ask for it again. If its possilbe to just post the address of the place for everyone to use or just email me. apprecaite the help. <br>Thanks <p><br>Bedros <br>B&D Lawncare and Snow Removal<br>bdemir@mediaone.net
  2. GroundKprs

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    For your tools:<p>A. M. Leonard, OH - http://www.amleo.com/<p>Ben Meadows, GA - http://www.benmeadows.com/<p>Gemplers,Wi - http://www.gemplers.com/<p><br>And for your computer :), a tape drive or other backup:<p>CDW, IL - http://www.cdw.com<p>Jim
  3. bdemir

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    Thanks Jim I appreciate all the help. I want to clarify what i meant by small stuff and I ment small power equipment. Sorry about the misunderstanding but i have bookmarked all of the sites that you have sent me and appreciat e all of them. <p>Thanks<br>Bedros<br>B&D Lawncare and Snow Removal<br>bdemir@mediaone.net
  4. klite

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    I have this web-site someone sent me<br>www.yetmans.mb.ca.manufactures.html<p><p>----------<br>Ken...Lightcap's Landscape Service<br>
  5. gorrell

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    Bedros, try www.jthomasdistributors.com or it's not hard to become a dealer for Stens or Rotary. Hope this helps, Lynn

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