Lost My New Bad Boy

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MS_SURVEYOR, Jun 9, 2009.


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    Seems the wife got in the saddle and didn't want to get off.

    Sorry about the pictures. I didn't have my camera. Only the phone cam.

    We got our Bad Boy Pup 52 inch with the 30hp Kohler from Scott Tractor today.


    I can't say enough about Scott and John Gardner of Scott Tractor. Along with Doug Brasel of Bad Boy, and Bad Boy for making this mower. I also give credit to all the help Bad Boy owners have given us. And the members of this site, puppypaws, tocoma200, SfTD_service_CENTER, Mickhippy, MJB, Lonny90, jcltyson, and retrodog (for all your past post)!

    If I had any worries about the Kohler having enough azz to cut through some tuff grass and weeds, I don't any more. The Kohler tach out at 3450 rpms with the blades engaged, and never dropped below 3350 rps through the thickest of grass and weeds. This is the first ztr we have owned. The learning curve driving the Bad Boy Pup was easy and fast. We looked like drunk monkeys at first. But got into the grove fast enough. My yard is rough. So soon after John Gardner showed us the controls, a safety briefing, and some tips on cutting, we sent him on his way. Thanks John! I checked the tire pressures and got the rear tires down to 12 psi. The ride was smooth enough, ever thou we keep speeds down because of the tall grass. We put 2 hours on the Pup cutting about 2 acres. Not bad in my book being it would have taken my 4 hours or more with the 16hp 46 inch Saber. I was in bad need of bush hogging. So it could have taken me longer. I've had bush hogs drop many more rps cutting the same Bahia grass than the Pup with the 30hp Kohler. The cut was very good for the shape and height of the Bahia grass. It'll take a couple more cuttings before we get things under control. But! Tomorrow or the next day we move to the really bad stuff! I'll have better pictures and a more detail report.

    This picture says it all.




  2. tacoma200

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    Well I hope I'm the first to congratulate you and your new helper.
  3. BadRancher

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    Congrats!!! That is a nice mower!!!!

    Haha. Thats funny. You got a new mower and lost it an hour or so later, but your wife found it. Finders Keepers.

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    Thanks BadRancher! We've been needing something to make life easier for years. I can alway make a gas and beer run!:walking::drinkup:

    Well tacoma200, you were 1st! Thank You for your objective help, and past post!
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    Nice mower, I hope you get to enjoy it every now and then. (like when the wife goes shopping) :laugh: Looks like you can put all of that power to use for a while. This Bahia is really starting to take off now. The stems are really starting to sprout up and I dread it when they start getting tough and dry in the summer.
  6. Mickhippy

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    Congrats mate! Glad to be of some help!
    I was wondering why the wife (who looks happy) was going in circles, then I read "Bahia,"..... Understood!
    I hate that stuff but that machine looks to be doing a good job.
    Looking forward to more, clearer pics!

    Oh, and try 9 or 10psi in the tires.

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    Bahia! My neighbor had his lot cleared and graded when he bought it. Mostly packed clay. He planted grass seed after grass seed with no luck. In the summer I'd be fighting to cut grass every 4 to 5 days trying to keep the Bahia down. But no matter what, in the middle of July the rains would start and the Bahia would win. He ask me one day what kind if grass I had. Bahia!!! I told him! He wanted to go buy some Bahia seed.:dizzy: I said, don't worry, it's coming your way!!:cry: I hate that stuff!!:hammerhead:
  8. dwost

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    Congrats, it should serve you well for many years!
  9. Performance R/E

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    I will be purchasing a new zt soon and after much research was going to pick a Scag Tiger Cat. However the recent buzz around the Bad Boy has me thinking. The Scag Velocity Deck is said to have a great cut. I have not heard any talk about the quality of the cut in different types of conditions for the Bad Boy. Can anyone comment on that?
  10. puppypaws

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    I don't know how I missed this thread, but am glad it was brought to my attention. Once you get the grass in shape, your time savings will blow your mind. Well, maybe not your mind, but you will get the idea from your wife. I have seen this too many times, once a woman gets on a zero turn mower, they love them so much, it is hard to get them off.

    Good information you are giving him on tire pressure, he can go down to 8 with no problem. That is what I run and have in fact put 10 lbs. in to see if I could tell a difference, and actually did. I know the lower air pressure will help a great deal on the Pup since it does not have the compression rubber suspension.

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing the details. I felt assured the 30 would be more than adequate for a 52" deck. I honestly don't know if I have heard of that much hp on a 52" deck.

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