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    I'm lost on what to do on this one and mabe someone here can help me come up with a way to control this or plumb it.

    I have a client who has a large koi pond, he has impact sprinklers with motion detectors that he manually turns on at night to protect the fish from raccoons and heron that comes in the morning. We're trying to figure a way to automate this. Now to set this automatically I could simply put a Hunter SVC and set it to come on at night and off in the morning.

    But the customer wants to be able to turn it on and off manually as they are often outside late at night and wants to turn it on during the day if needed if a neighbors cat comes in the yard. For this I could open the sensors and wire in a switch so that he can simply turn the sensors on and off by remote.

    But how can I control it to do both? and it needs to be a simple user friendly interface for him to use. So basically it can be programmed to turn on automatically at 10pm and off at 8am, but easily switched on during the day if needed and off at night if needed.
  2. Mike Leary

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    How about a remote?

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    Doesn't Dig have something that is a solar powered valve box with a remote? Too lazy to hunt it up.
  4. mitchgo

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    Could you lay some wire and tie the 2 sensors together, then loop the run to a switch on a post so he can easily turn the switch on/off
  5. GreenI.A.

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    I was thinking along those lines, have the water on a SVC so that it automatically comes on and off at the set times and then have a swith for the sensor, so he can just turn the sensors off to deactivate them. Or even easier would be to run it off a SVC and wire a switch to the rain sensor leads to turn it off when they are outside at night. Basically they hit the switch and it would simulate the rainsensor bypassing the system, then when they switch it back at the end of the night it would simulate the sensor drying out. But neither of those ideas will help for when he wants to turn it on during the day if the water valve is off and their is no water.

    I can think of a bunch of ways to prevent it from watering at night but not where it can be overriden to run during the day if they want it on.
  6. mitchgo

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    run wire from the 2 24v hot posts off the controller to the post with switch, then run it to the valve?
    Valve goes to the impact heads- then the motion sensors is just left on unless battery needs replacement

    I'm sure there are other setups
  7. jcom

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    I envision a 6" x 6" , or larger for ease of use , square box with a three position "dial"switch. Positions to be labeled-Manual Off, Manual On, Automatic. The sensor wires would come to this box before the controller.

    Connect relays to each of the position switches to accomplish your needs. A combo of NO and NC relays would work well. I would use 110V power for switch and relays. The sensor wires are key to this one as you can control the system with them.

  8. Irri-Light

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    Research the X-10 products. They have security modules and sensors. You could just plug a 24v transformer for valve power to a module and then the X-10 console could time the auto on/off. And the homeowner can also control it manually during the day.

    I've actually got a customer I do this with for his rain barrel watering. I use the X-10 to run a small pond pump in the barrel so he can use the rain barrel water for his drip to his pots on the porch.

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    Had a customer who put in a KOI pond. Storks, raccoons, cats, you name it came to eat his koi. Finally he covered his whole pond with chicken wire. Yes it looked tacky.
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