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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by southtx, Nov 14, 2005.

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    Well this what I got... I got a new client about mid July the yard took 1&1/2 hours with two guys one mowing and one trimming and it was on a once every 3 weeks yard.(230.00) Well here in san antonio we are about 10-12 inches below are norm. rain fall so I told the lady that she need to start the watering system up and the system she has is about as old as me so nothing was working. So the last time I went out before I left I told her that there was 3-4 heads that were broken or not working right( big mud pools were the heads were at) and she goes on and tells me that I should have been careful and that I did it and I told her that by the way these thing look its been like this for a while and the she calms down and say your right. Well today I called her to say that I will be coming over and she says that they have someone else and that the water man said that the heads were broke due to me and that Im the reason that they are broke. That pissed me off:realmad: but I kept my cool and said well thank you very much have a good day. Im upset but happy at the same time she was starting to ask for free jobs. Has this happen to anyone else and did I handle it right??
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    If she was asking for somethin for nothin, you did exactly the right thing. aint no sense in keeping a person who blames things on you when you KNOW you're not at fault for them.
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    If you didnt do it, then it aint your fault. Now if I do break heads, they get replace before I leave the property.
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    Um, just what kind of "free" jobs :D
    I often carry a camera with me when I get a new customer and photo any previous damage left from other lco's. It came in handy only once for me when this customer accused us of damaging thier downspout. After I produced the pictures, they were appologetic
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    Yes I agree, I think this is the situation EXACTLY what I mean when I say "I am NOT responsible for damage to objects in yard" you get these folks with sprinkler systems you do NOT know when they had maintenance done on them last - *ALL* sprinkler systems require periodic maintenance and every 15-20 years ALL the risers need to be replaced because they will gradually start to malfunction (meaning they either fail to rise or just as likely, fail to recede afterwards)...

    The maintenance is not cheap for those who can't do it themselves, and it is time consuming for those who can, but just like with anything involving moving mechanical parts, it MUST be done and of course SOME folks fail to do so.

    Now it is very possible you did indeed clip those risers with the mower but again, you are NOT responsible for damages to risers that don't function properly. As for myself, I don't even consider myself responsible for breaking ones that DO function properly BUT I can and will replace one when I KNOW I broke it (meaning I saw it coming and failed to react in time or better yet, I was hot-dogging the machine - should've known better, ok).

    You did the right thing and don't feel bad, these kind of folk are either not used to dealing with us OR they are going from Lco to Lco until they find some sucker whom they can talk into replacing their entire system (yup, riser by riser, as they get clipped) over the next few years as the poor Lco is made to believe it was HIS fault it is broken...

    Been there...
    Much like yourself, didn't last very long (One full season and start of the next thou)...
    It didn't bother me too much because I felt he did ME a favor (it kept getting crazier, everytime it was something new he would add on) guess it was just another in the long line of folks who want something for nothing and then they can't leave well enough alone so they gotta get MORE and MORE, every 3-4 visits this guy had something else he wanted... thou it did bug me for some time and I remember it to the day, THIS is one of the reasons for my attitude being the way it is nowadays.

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