Lost one of my best lawns

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Eho, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. pagefault

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    When I was getting ready to get started, we paid off credit cards, dropped down to basic cable, canceled all of the premium phone features (caller ID, voicemail, etc), sold the motorcycle, stopped eating out, etc.
  2. Charles

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    I really dont know what they are doing but most of us have elderly on SS who can afford to have their grass cut.
    They didnt do this guy some big favor by letting him cut their grass. He earned his money. As soon as you figure out that you earn and deserve the money you get then you will be up on the game. YOu will realize too when your equipmment falls apart that its not all profit.
    I run a business and am not a social worker. Peoples finances are no concern of mine. If they are loyal customers they will call him anyway when they can afford it whether he gives them a freebie or not. YOu are just reducing the value of your services in the customers mind if you discount it and/or give it away imo
  3. betterlawn

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    Come on, no matter how much I like to make money, I'm fooling myself if I start thinking that my services rank up there with telephone service.

    Any yahoo can cut their own yard, the elderly are old, that's why they don't do it. Quite frankly I kind of wonder about some of my 20-60 year old clients that hire me to mow their 1/2 acre yard. $150 at Walmart and you've got a perfectly good home use mower and a little exercise once or twice a week.

    Not to talk myself out of work, but I would never hire anyone to clean my house or mow my yard.

    Mowing a lawn, no matter how many stripes you leave, is mowing a lawn. The real service is in all the other crap that needs done (trimming, cleanup, edging, etc.). Any 13 year old can mow a lawn - it might just take a little longer with a 14" deck MTD mower.
  4. pagefault

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    You clearly have me confused with someone else. I wasn't offering to discount anything. I know my expenses. I never said anything was all profit. I just asked how you knew they weren't cutting back on anything else.

    Take a pill.
  5. Charles

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    Well then the "You" didn't mean you lol

    I dont know and I dont care. I just know I want to get paid for everything I do
  6. pagefault

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    I figured since the post followed mine without quoting another, it was referring to me. My bad.

    I agree that I want to get paid. I still think that making yourself available to provide him with general guidance on how to start a business would be far more helpful anyway.
  7. Charles

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    Ya that would be a nice thing to do. Remember when Seinfeld gave that Pakistani business advice on running a restaurant and the restaurant failed? lol The Pakistani(Babu) called Jerry a "bad man, a very bad man" :p
  8. pagefault

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    I do, indeed. I'd be careful to limit the advice to something I had experience with, like dealing with the Secretary of State and the Comptroller, or finding a good bank or good software. I don't think I'd tell him what kind of food to serve.

    Of course, I have to wonder who would open a business and let one know-it-all convince them to change everything less than a month into the whole thing.
  9. nocutting

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    Hello, If it were me?.....I'd offer the most basic service possible, to see if I could keep them & give them the "Free" service as well!...I've had plenty of customers come back after things got better for them.....Once I gave services "Free" for a season, & when fall came so did there check with a "Bonus" for bein a good guy & friend.......Then again thats me, and I maintain a very close client contact [ I have only 30 or so accounts, no-mowing, no-employees,billing a healthy 6 digits a year] :cool2:

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