lost one today due to "your mowers to heavy"

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by workinallthetime, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. workinallthetime

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    well guys lost my first account today, he said i did a great job but my mower was to heavy for his wet a$$ lawn. yes my mower is heavy weighing in at 1700 lbs its a diesel kubota zd326 ztr. Last week i was almost done and turned a corner where my front tire droped into a hole where the dog had dug and i was stuck. went home got the tractor and pulled it out, good thing i live 1 mile away. im sad to get fired but not upset. the guy has an anarobic septic system which sprays his back yard with $hit everyday and we got about 3 inches of rain 3 days before my last visit, the enitre time i was just treading the surface while mowing the 18" tall grass hoping not to break through it. he was my first customer but not my only. he said he was going to go with someone who had lighter equipment, he has a point just seems kind of odd that some punk put up signs for 25-35 $ yards yesterday. i was charging 65 for a 1.5 acre lot and thought i was cheep.
    30 minutes after his call i got another one which pays 50.00 cash for about half the size of his so its a wash.
    question is?
    should he come back to me in mid season should i jack up my price cause he droped me?
    i love the kubota it mowes as fast as you can hold on and the guys who told me a ztr wont hold on mowing across hills never drove mine. maybe it is because its so heavy,lol
  2. turbo5560

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    I think everyone has had a complaint like that... i get so sick of customers, but my take on it is that as long as I am honest to my customers, and i do my best work I don't get to worried about losing an account. Every one has that customer who is a fuss a$$. You might have just lost yours, but you will get another, I promise!

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    Working with the public is the worst part about running an LCO.....But I still love it...
  4. workinallthetime

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    oh i forgot to mention this guy has to labs to add to the $hit in the yard plus i had to move the trampoline everytime to mow under, pick up the kid toys and roll up the garden hose. not to worried just gettin it off my chest,lol
  5. bigmudder77

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    your cheap if you have to move all the stuff to mow id be charging to move that and pick up the lawn. i tell them that if i have to pick up/ move stuff i will be charging a dollar a min. and told them if they didnt want to pay it i needed the stuff to be off the lawn before i show up or ill mow around it. Then charge them an over grown fee when the do move it cause i usually have to pick up all the grass cause its to thick
  6. bigmudder77

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    i would be charging at least $125 a week for all the time and work it is to move stuff when you need to get off your mower and back on and back off and back on it gets old if you have to do that all day. and it takes time when you could be mowing other peoples yard
  7. GreenN'Clean

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    If the customer does call you back then I would raise my prices a little more. The customer gets what he pays for and if he gets someone to do that yard for $25 -35 bucks then he will be getting what he paid for
  8. topsites

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    When I first started reading I wasn't so sure why you'd want to use that big a machine myself, but 1.5 acres is certainly past what most Wb's are designed to tackle, and most of us simply can't afford to operate a fleet of Z's so as to have one for every possible nuance. That you should use a lighter machine is kinda obvious, but for the price you gave there should've been little to no complaint and you should be free at that point to use what you please.
    Now if someone wants to do it yet cheaper and per customer specs, all I got to say is L.O.L.

    He may never call back, but you're right to be concerned that he might.
    So yeah, I'd raise the price to $90 right quick, then plan on using the 48" Wb and make it $120.

    Or, to forego the ensuing bs, if or when he calls, say you're sorry but are unable to help at this time.
  9. TGM

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    you'll still get stuck with lighter mower...as in my case a full walker - they weigh what, around 1000 loaded; but the rear tire sinks as the middle/drive tires rip into the grass. granted knowing your machine and its limits help a lot, but some customers just don't get it.

    you ever have those customers that like to have the sprinklers turn on before or during your thursday mow every week? :realmad: :realmad: (thanks old boss who wouldn't change my route).
  10. HenryB

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    No reason to raise him if he calls back. Your taking it personal and you shouldn't. It's just a bad match a 1700lb ZTR and a wet lawn. I'd love to have your machine but I know it's too heavy for my accounts. If he complained and you did not get stuck or rut the lawn then he's just a PITA but thats not the case.

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