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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Jul 5, 2000.

  1. MOW ED

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    I had a message on the machine today that said I was done on one of my charter members property as of today ( already mowed it today) because they found a person who would weed the flower beds and they can mow too. <p>I can't be too upset because it was a pain to mow-25 minutes with the lawnboy on a steep hill and 20 minutes riding and 15 minutes to trim and blow for a pissy 45 bucks. <p>The funny thing is that they never asked me if I would weed. I would have said no anyway. There is probably 10000 sq of beds that have been neglected for 5 years. Anyway I picked up the neighbor today for 3x what they paid and the neighbors only takes 1.5 hours. There is a little good in everything. Everything works out in the end and I'm glad to be done with them. <p>I don't work under contract which is how I want it and this is really a blessing in disguise.
  2. bob

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    What a coincedence, I lost a $65 lawn today because 2 months ago I didn't have time to weed their neglected beds. And the new guy will cut the lawn and weed the beds for $100 a week.
  3. Charles

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    People are so fickle and sensitive. I lost a yard because I didn't have time to plant some flowers for a lady. They loved me it seemed up to that point. Didn't even seem upset at the time. I was behind on yards and am not really into planting flowers. It was a good yard too. But how can you blame yourself for something like this? I don't. It's not the end of the world because one day you were too busy to do something(one day) for a customer that was something you were not even hired to do. Somethings wrong with them not me. Oh well f'em. You just have to say that and move on. Can't please everyone.

    ERICMENGES LawnSite Member
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    thats all right today i lost 5 houses in a <br>row (845.00)that hert the pocket. they wanted me to make up for the haliday (74)<br>they all must of got together they all called one right after each other. it all happens for a reason . im waiting for the plus now!<p>----------<br>ERIC MENGES<br>A Kick -n The Grass Landscape Management
  5. TGCummings

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    I've passed out 5 notices of big price increases so far and I've only gotten feedback from one so far. A longtime customer who caught me at the jobsite and spoke to me telling me it wouldn't do, then called me later that night and apologized, saying she'd stay on and she understood.<p>Still got about 15 more of these to get out this week and next, so we'll see where the axes fall. <p>I expect I'll have to let about a dozen houses go through the weekend because of the holiday, but that's standard and they'll be caught up Monday. Could catch them up on Saturday, but then a holiday isn't much of a holiday if it takes away the weekend, is it? ;)<p>-TGC
  6. bob

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    I got back the lawn that I had wrote about on this thread. The customer said the new guy just plain "sucked", and did everything half-a****. He said that the lawn will be mine next year also.

    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hey bob , you said you were $65 and the new guy was $100. right sounds like you start from sracth .....time to go up right?
  8. thelawnguy

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    Id rather lose one now than in say June, at least (where I am) I would have 6 months to replace them.
  9. Chuck Sinclair

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    I lost one yesterday becuase i charged extra to plant 6 plants 5.00 EA = 30.00 and she dropped me oh well life goes on!
  10. Bluegrass Lawn Service

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    I have found fellows, that if you lose a client and you've been doing all you can don't worry you'll get two in place of them. This has happened to me many times. No sense in getting all twisted up, just keep going on. If he went for another person at a higher rate and came back to me. Then I'd be getting an increase. Maybe not $100.00 but $85.00. Just remember the lawn care guy is lower that the garbage man. They have to keep him.

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