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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mhussey, Aug 20, 2006.

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    Ok guy's, I believe I lost the battle trying to get rid of the Bermuda grass in my fescue. My question is this. If I wanted to go with just Bermuda how and when do you throw this seed or does Bermuda come in only sod or can you throw seed too? I am really not to knowledgeable when it comes to Bermuda. I am tired of spending money trying to get rid of the stuff in my lawn so I figure I would just plant the whole lawn with it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh yea if there are any other notable warm season grasses that you guys think is better please advise on those types as well. Thanks again.
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    depends on the variety..
    hybrids like 419, tiffsport, celebration, etc.... will be sod only.
    common, and a few others can be seeded
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    I do have one major problem. I really have 2 different parts of my front yard. With a little runoff/creekbed that separates the two. The part that is in front of my house is where I can't get rid of the Bermuda. And is the part where I want to just go with all Bermuda. However, the other side don't have much problem with Bermuda where I guess it's mostly shaded. I do have a small patch that has came up. It would cost me deeply to sod my front yard, but would like to have a nice lawn. I wonder would it look stupid to have Bermuda in one part and fescue on the other? I don't have anymore options I can think about but that in order to have a decent looking lawn.

    When is the prime time to seed Bermuda? And what is the most effective way to do this as far as aerating, fertilizer, and seed wise?

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