Lost two brothers this week.


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This is not a normal lawn thread. I am a ret. Baltimore City Police Officer. This week we lost two of our own to a drunk driver. I would with tear in my eyes say please do not drink and drive or drink on the job. Your life is not the only one at stack.If you are ever stopped for a traffic violation. please put your window down,place your hands on the wheel. At night turn on the cab light. This is for officer safty. These little things my save you on that ticket. Let the officer know a officer told you to do these sample things for their safty.

Please take some time today to rember our fallon heros. They walk a "The Thin Blue Line" every day in an attemt yo keep us safe.

Thank you for reading this. Lawnman a Disabled Baltimore Police Officer.


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Sorry to hear that Lawman! Like I said in an earlier post...my neighbor was a Binhamton, NY cop and was killed in the line of duty about 5 years ago. I feel for you as I wanted to become a police officer until what happened til my neighbor.

Hang tough!


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That terrible Lawman. Habitual drunk drivers won't stop drving, as you know until they in prison or dead. Looks like we could come up with the technology and require it in all cars to keep them off the road. Like the breath analyzer and camera to see whos doing the blowing.


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I'm very sorry to hear that Lawman, our family has endured a loss recently as well. I absolutely despise a drunk driver and have reported every one I see or even think may be drunk. Too many innocent lives are lost each year to this self indulgence and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any. Education doesn't seem to be the answer, I think the public is going to have to accept responsibility when they see this going on and use their cell phones more often! 911.....it works for me. This is a subject that sets me on fire and makes me want to do crazy things to those that are careless/selfish enough to get on the roads when they KNOW they aren't capable. Sadly enough it usually takes a tragedy to stop a person from doing it, fines and points off your license doesn't seem to do the trick.

There is a web page devoted to officers lost in the line of duty, there you will find my nephew. He was in a traffic accident while on duty with the military police in Ft. Polk Louisiana. He was a passenger and the "senior officer" another 23 yr old M.P. was traveling 98 mph at 4:00am! Lost control and killed my nephew, the driver escaped with only minor injuries????????????? The page is listed something like OFFICER DOWN, I forgot the link but I'm sure your 2 brothers will be put on there. My nephews name is Brian Gleason, didn't even make it a year in the Army.

Again, I'm sorry to hear about this and wish everybody would take a more proactive role in getting every drunk off the road that they can, and if you are one that does this and thinks nothing will happen then think again, it just hasn't been your time.



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I am very sorry to her about your brothers , deaths involing drunk drivers are senceless &very preventable. i feel they need to stricken the dui laws,make it 1 strike and you go down.way down ,i know that some people are acholics and it is a sickness, put them in a state mental wards and don,t let them out until they are 2 years sober , i little ruff , not at all, some folks don,t get don't get another chance at life , why should they , i sorry i really don.t have any leineancy when it come to this subject , theirs no excuse mmost taxi rides cost as little as a 12 pack.my familys prayers are with you,I recently lost my best freind
of 20 years he commited suicide,we spent a lot of time together every week,and i know somewhat of what you are feeling , the onlt thing i can say is keep very positive thoughts, after awhile has past do get involed in something to keep your mind off of it, time will make things easyier . try and be strong and keep thinking clearly
God Bless you and your family.

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I too am from Baltimore and I am so thankful for the men and women in blue that put their lives at risk every day to protect me and all the other citizens of Baltimore. They are missed.


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Personally I don't like to be on the roads at night (especially Friday and Saturday nights) due to people drinking and driving. "Oh, I've only had a couple, I can drive". BS. One is too many.
Condolences to the emergency services brethren.

Drunk driving is the worst possible thing you could do behind the wheel. As a former EMT, I have seen my share of DUI crashes and fatalities.

In the mid 80's I responded to the scene of a DUI involved crash at 3:00 am. Three cars had collided head on at over 60 miles per hour. Occupants of two cars killed outright, a 29 year old man and 2 18 year old boys. Other driver, ( the DUI) broken leg and 5 years for manslaughter. She's out now, but those families still don't have their loved ones and never will.

We had a police chief in our town years ago that started a program, where the local drunks could call the cops and they would take them home.It was reffered to as the drive a drunk program. DUI arrests went down, and DUI involved accidents went up. The next police chief did away with the program, and said in this town now, we arrest the sons of
b------ and throw them in jail.

If you drive after drinking, you have an alcohol problem.

The Friday Saturday night avoidance of roads is a good thing. Aroud 5 to 7 pm after the early drunks head home, and then again at closing time. Why can't the drunks just get mollared at home and puke on themselves instead of endangering every one else??


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I'm ashamed to say but I used to drink and drive for years, there is one sure thing that will stop this.
The saving faith in Jesus, I know!

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