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lost with mulching, need price help


LawnSite Member
morris county
ok, im dealing with beds that equal up to over 5000 sg. ft. but having problems coming to a price that isnt insane, what am i doing wrong, i need help on this quick

Strawbridge Lawn

LawnSite Senior Member
Would it be cheaper for the customer and easier for you to
contract or sub ablower truck company? They can often price you in and there is no quicker or eficient way when jobs get that big.


LawnSite Bronze Member
What do you mean insane? That's a fair amount of beds. I'm use to metric but I'm thinking you'll need around 45 cubic yards at around 3" thick ..depending on how dense the shrubs are. Charge accordingly....would be around $3300 for me.Thats with little to none prep work...Nice small job.
I came up with roughly 50 yrds needed. Mulch install and supplies would be $3250

Edging would run an extra $.70-$1.00 per linear ft.


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Morgantown, WV
I'm with Kris and NCSU-45yds of mulch,installed with no edging for $3150.00 + tax. Edging would be around $ .90ft depending on existing bed definition.Don't forget to upsell pre-em treatments in spring and post-em treatments during the summer. Good luck..

D Felix

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Without seeing the site, and assuming "best" case scenario, with no pre-emergent application or tax (now we have to charge not only for materials but labor too- 6% each!), I was coming up with a quick figure of $2500. That was roughly 47 yards, spread at 3" thick.

That number is assuming there is not a lot of perennials to be mulched around, no hills and easy access. Any of that changes, and the $$ goes UP.

If the customer has that much bed area, they shouldn't be surprised at the cost...

Don't shoot yourself in the foot just to get the job! (as many times as I've said that recently, I ought to make it my sig line!)



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morris county
now, how are you coming to that, call me stupid but just how many yards are in a foot, and how do you come to your number because i was coming to like 30,000 for the price, yours is much more correct
its 27 cu. ft in a cu. yd. The easiest formula to use is take your square footage and divide by 100. That answer is the number of cu. yds you need. That gives you between 2 and 3" depth.