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    I went to my supplier today to pick up some treads i had cut for a job, and was talking to the owner he can not believe how many new guys there are this year in the biz. He said most of them are guys who used to work for alot of the other big landscape company's. I have seen alot of them around our area. He also told me that he does not know how they stay in the biz because they charge so little he knows some of them that are charging $30.00 per yard of mulch installed. What the f@#k !!!! I'm charging $85.00 -$100.00 per yard installed. I dont know how they can make any money, I guess they are not insured or paying taxes. Then to top it off he tells me that TROY VINCENT you know the football player now has a construction and lawn service co. I have seen the truck around with a few brand new bobcats on it driving around. I know TROY VINCENT lives in YARDLEY PA. and was born and raised in my area. I guess he needs more money. :dizzy:

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