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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by bearhunter01, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. bearhunter01

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    I would like to get info on lot sweeping. Info like, cost of truck(s), hidden costs, etc. Does anyone do lot sweeping?
  2. tiedeman

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    What do you mean by lot sweeping? Are you talking about cleaning parking lots or cleaning lots for homes? If you are going to do parking lot sweeping, I find the best results to clean parking lots is with a push blower. Sometimes we clean commericla customers lots with a Billy Goat Industries 10 hp push blower. It was one of the best investments that I have ever done.
  3. bearhunter01

    bearhunter01 LawnSite Member
    from Midwest
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    I'm talking about "lot sweeping" where you use a sweeping truck and drive from commercial lot to lot (like a tymco 210). and do sweeping nightly.
  4. ksss

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    We don't sweep lots ourselves but have worked with those that do. Here they charge about $45.00 -$50.00 per hour although most jobs are bid. One company that does quite a few lots leases their sweepers. The driver takes a hand held blower and blows the trash/sand where the truck can reach it then sweeps it clean. Some problems they run into is labor. Seems some people don't want to drive sweeper truck from midnight to 0700. Based on what they charge, I never quite figured out how they make any money.
  5. lamarbur

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    we use a "pelican" brand sweeper at work. When I worked the local highway dep't we bid out and took what ever the winning bidder showed up with. In either case, I would never in a million years be interested in buying/obtaining a sweeper. Their maintenance both daily and other, is just phenominal time and costs wise. If they're charging 40-50 per hour, third shift night time or not, I can't see how they make any monies. Maintenance on those machines are extreme, to say the least.
  6. Roadwarrior

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    I got into this business a few years ago at the urging of a property manager. It was a good decision. I bought a new AAtach sweeper which slides into the back of a 3/4 ton pickup. It's really a paper chaser but it will pick up sand, #2 stone, cans, plastic bottles and cigarette's butts. It won't pick up batteries and diapers. the sweeper cost $15000 and I have $3000 in the truck. Another $400 for a backpack blower and your in business. We use a skidsteer for winter grime pickup in the spring. One draw back is you have to amnually unload it but for the price difference it's worth it. We sweep 2 300,000 sf retail lots 5 times a week for a monthly total of $3500. Not bad for less than 40 hours of work. The key is keeping them clean all the time. And as I was told the operator makes all the difference in the world. Just paying attention to details.
  7. reformedlandscaper

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    You have to be careful that there is not too much competition or you will be working for 40 or so an hour. You can't maintain a sweeper truck, even an air sweeper, for that.

    When I was in the business, we did post winter sweeping with Elgin Pelicans (yes I was the Pelican Pilot!). You can't even think about taking those out of the yard for less than 85 an hour.They are constantly working in grit and require much love and grease!In season I would wear a gutter broom out a week, and a main broom every two weeks. But it was a moneymaker. I bought the machine for 4000 at auction and dropped another 4000 into it over four years, but probably swept close to $200K in tha same period.

    I know in my area the nightly air sweeping business is very cutthroat- I stayed away.

    Good luck
  8. Mdirrigation

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    I have an aatac that I dont use , If anyone is intrested let me know . They are great for start ups or a second unit , I am slowing down and enjoying life
  9. marcinf

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    I am looking for aa tach .Please e-mail me at marcin.fischer@gmail.com
  10. crp1983

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    how much do u want for your sweeper? and what year and condition etc

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