Lots of calls, lots of price shoppers

Gene $immons

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This year I have put out advertising BIG TIME. I have the phone ringing all day for lawn care estimate requests.

I respond to the potential customers quickly, and provide them professional bid sheets describing the services and rates. I am maybe only getting 1 % of the callers to sign up.

It seems that my "professional image" and so forth are worth nothing when the next guy comes along and bids everything for less. My prices are very competitive too.

This year I lost my biggest account to a newbie who bid it for $15,000 less a year!!! The account had nothing but praises for our work last season, never a complaint. $15.000 less a year


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Wilmington, DE
wow that hurts!!!! i find that a lot you know if they are calling and they haven't been referred by another customer that they probably got the phone book out or saw your truck and thought they would get a "good rate" or something... I'm not sure but you can kinda guess what they are looking for: i.e first sentence is about money........... or they say they aren't looking for a good job... so on so on.........bargain hunters not quality hunters

Norm Al

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tampa, florida
welcome to the REAL world of lawn maintenance! i love it when the guys post that they are double the price of everybody else and still getting all the work!,,,,,as if!


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robin, you sayin he turned u in 4 something?


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well, this fellow will soon learn about the flaws of under bidding. I wouldnt worry-the joke will be on him and his work will speak for itself.

Keep hope up Gene.


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ya 15,000 less and his work probaly won't be as good. i get customers who i charge 25.00 to the yard and they call up and say joe "i don't pay taxes" schmo will cut it for 20 or less. the following year they call and kiss my butt to get back on the route. and complain about joe "i don't pay my taxes" schmo cheap garbage cut.

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