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lots of moss


LawnSite Senior Member
moss does well on compacted soils
moss does well in moist soils

to get rid of it- use a rake. there are products on the market that claim to kill moss. I have used them. results are not consistant. when they do work you'll end up with black, dead moss that you need to rake out. So i say skip that process and start raking.

change the environment by:
aerate- break up compacted soil

prune limbs of trees that may shade the area, shade will keep the soil moist for long periods

you'll find moss in 'tight' areas. areas where the air flow is obstructed. you might need to get rid of a stockade fence for instance and put up a fence that allows better air flow.

once you have changed to environment that moss does well in, overseed. a dense turf will make it more difficult for moss.

lastly, there may be areas where you just cant change the environment. i suggest in those areas you re-design your landscape. replace the turf with a planting bed. if you cant change the environment you need to try to work with it.


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Northwest WA
I would use the iron and blacken the moss anyway. It'll make your job easier when the stuff is dehydrated... it breaks away from the soil easier. Otherwise, exactly what TSM said.


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Atlanta, GA.
I've got a client w/Bermuda lawn. Not much compaction, good sun, nice slope, decent pH, but TONS of moss. Hit it with iron, am about to rake it out. It's a new customer, I'm thinking, how to fix the problem. The lady seems to be into bagging. I think they might also be light waterers who go awhile between mowings. I am going to recommend we skip the bagging and let the clippings fall. Aerate before my pre-M. Mowing at least once a week, and maybe be a little aggressive w/the nitrogen.
What did you all think?

Acute Cut

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Bellingham WA
Kill the moss then rake. It makes a huge difference for how much actually comes out. Dead black moss has no hold on life or the soil. Rake it twice after the moss is all dead. Once one way, then once 90 degrees to that. Hope you got a big truck to haul it all away though.;)